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I need the password protected pages to ask for the password each time.

  1. Once you enter the password once, it never asks for it again! I need it to ask each time. The page is supposed to be hidden. It's an answer page. The children aren't supposed to see the answers, but the parents need to be able to see them. The parents enter the password once and then the kids can see any of the answers!
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  2. The password entered is saved on a per-visitor basis.

    So, if Parent A enters the password, Parent A never has to enter it again. Meanwhile, if Parent B visits the page, Parent B still has to enter the password.

    The same goes for their kids, assuming they use separate computers.

  3. I realize all that. I need it to ask for the password each time or the whole thing doesn't work. There is no reason to password protect the page if the kids can see the answers after the parents check them. You can't assume all children and parents don't share computers. I share mine with my kids! Can anything be done?

  4. Currently, the system is designed to only require the password once per visitor. At this time, that cannot be changed.

  5. I suppose that one alternative would be to have the parents and kids use separate browsers, but I also suppose most kids would figure that out rather quickly.

  6. I'm sorry but the way password protected posts operate is the same for all of us bloggers.

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