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I need the Staff

  1. I'm desperately trying to find the contact form of the Staff, I get redirected to the support page. I want to ask Staff to empty a blog for me. The unauthorize use of illustrations has finely caught up with me...

  2. The contact form is closed to "free blog" users.

    You can use bulk editing to delete pictures, posts, and pages yourself.

    Go to Screen Options to set the number of files to display.

  3. Thanks for your prompt reaction, 1tess.
    There are a lot of logs, it would take me a whole day (it took me already half the day with another weblog and I have three more weblogs to go...)
    I could of course delete the blogs in one swipe, but then I would lose three of the old Dusk templates I still use, I treasure that one.
    OK, if it's not possible, I see no other solution that pressing the red doomsday button.

  4. You can set the number of files on each page to a really big number, say 100 or 200 so a bulk edit will zap a lot of data at once.

    I'll put a modlook on here and maybe staff will see it and be able to help.

  5. OK.
    I made text edited copies of the posts that I want to save and eventually re-post, so the weblog can be safely emptied fully if Staff decides to do that for me.

  6. 'emptied fully?'...
    emptied completely

  7. What is the URL of the blog you want to empty?

  8. The blog is NSFW and the URL can be located by noting the username. :)

  9. Ah, ok. Is it the sgreifwonder dot wordpress? There are quite a few blogs under your account.

  10. Why don't you just set the blog to Private? That should take care of the copyright issue.

  11. Sorry, the link:
    raincoaster, this means that visits are restricted to whom I invite (and probably by log-in)?
    But it doesn't solve the matter of unauthorized use of images, does it?

  12. Oh drat, the wrong one.

  13. macmanx,
    I've got five; 2 Dutch, three I make the WP server creak?

  14. Yes, that means that visits are restricted to those you specifically Invite. It solves the use of unauthorized images because you are no longer republishing those images, as long as you don't invite people to view the blog.

  15. I can empty all of your blogs. Did you have more than you wanted to empty, or was it?

  16. Nooooo!
    I threw one weblog away, just cleaned out another one, and the remaining ones I have to check first, there are posts that I have to safe-copy. (I tried the WP back-up tool, but it didn't work properly or I don't understand its mechanics)

    It's the Planet Artz blog (the bloggwonder url) that must be cleaned out totally, o this HURTS, but it's chock full of illustrations. The template I want to keep, however, Dusk has become an inedit. I also need it to place back art posts for which I received author's consent, and to explain to regular visitors why the last series got broken off.

    On all 4 weblogs I now have checked Non-Indexing for search machines. I hope I'll get rid of all these thumbs in Google in due time...

    Will you do that for me? Clean out Planet Artz? I finished backing up what needed to be saved there.
    The remaining blogs I'm going to filter and clean out myself tonight.

  17. =as long as you don't invite people to view the blog=

    *wails country song 'I'll be so lonesome I will cryyyyyy'*

    I won't need that Privacy option after cleaning up and out, I'm posting nothing but freeware 'fields of clover' and 'red sails in the sunsets' from now on.

  18. Well, if you delete everything nobody will be reading it either.

  19. I have emptied your blog as requested.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

  20. It's a dilemma.

  21. Mucho thanks, macmanx.
    I'll do the remaining ones myself. It's mostly historical photographs which no one ever claims, and columns where I, if necessary, I can change the jpg for a link to another thieving party...
    My mother always warned me for every possible danger in the world, but never for Internet.

  22. You're welcome!

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