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i need tips on customised headers

  1. i love the fact most of the themes on wp allow customised headers. what i don't love is the cropping tool.

    when i tried changing my current theme to another in wp that allows customised headers, i get frustrated because often the image i want to use as my header is bigger than the space the cropping tool allows. i understand that the space given is the actual size of the selected theme's header but the problem is my image is bigger than that and i want to use the whole image, not chop it. also, i don't know the header's measurement so i can't edit it in paint, unlike regulus which gives a specific measurement.

    is thr other wp users who can give me some tips on how best to make use of the cropping tool? or could someone give me the header's measurements for themes that use the cropping tool so i can edit my headers before uploading them?

    thanks in advance.

  2. I will go through every theme later and measure the exact size in pixels, and I'll post it to the FAQ. That help?

  3. yeah i think knowing the exact pixel measurement of the headers will be useful... some of us would love to design the header on our own taking note about the resolution and stuff.

  4. Ambiru: 500*225
    Benevolence: 700*225
    Blix: 690*115
    Connections: 741*143
    Contempt: 750*140
    Neat: 700*200

    Note: These dimensions are taken from the default image with the theme.

    On a theme, right-click the header and Save as to download the actual image should you just want to manipulate it a bit.

    (I'll faq it later)

  5. excellent! just what i'm looking for. thanks so much podz

  6. I also have a question regarding customised headers. I have an animated gif that I'd love to use. When I preview it (in the cropping page) it animates just fine. But once I actually get to uploading it, its either blank, or just the first frame.

    Any ideas?


  7. try as i might, i can't seem to hide the title text when i edit my header. nothing seems to happen no matter how many times i press the hide text button. am i doing stg wrong?

  8. Weird - just did it for you.... browser acting odd maybe?

  9. cloudsparrow - I don't know why. Send in a feedback about it? That way the chances of me forgetting are much much lower :)

  10. podz: i don't know, i'm using firefox, previously i've tried hiding the text and it didn't work then too. but it's off now, merci beaucoup

  11. Cheers Podz. Will do!
    (at least I know now that it -is- possible. Thats the main thing.)

  12. I solved the not being able to hide text by uploading in IE instead of Firefox.

  13. I couldn't get "Hide Text" to work with Mozilla either. Switched to Konqueror and it's all beer and skittles.

  14. what's beer and skittles? i could get hide text to work in opera... didn't try in anything else so i'm not certain about that.

  15. I remember that we were suggesting to folks that sometimes you had to hit that button a couple of times to get it to pay attention to you.

    Beer and skittles.

  16. "Beer and skittles" is an Australian expression to mean that "all is well". Skittles is a game like bowling I think. It means the hide-text option works in the Konqueror browser under linux. I'm using IE 6 and it's not working.

  17. hello. I can do customisation on headers if anyone needs one or wants one.
    Just comment on my blog on whatever you want.

    im here to help in anyway.

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