I need to change my blog name.

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    Change blog name. I typed a name for my blog and when I typed the whole thing showed up. Then when I went forward only part of the name showed up. Now I am trying to fix the name and I can not figure out why! It has been extremely frustrating.
    Blog url: http://rootatothetoota.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is rootatothetoota.wordpress.com.



    Where are you trying to change it?

    The link in your username is incorrect. It should be http://rootatothetoota.wordpress.com/ not http://roottothetoota.wordpress.com/ That can be changed on the Settings tab (the one with the gear) on the WordPress.com homepage after you log in.



    I actually figured how to fix it shortly after I posted this question, but thank you. Also thank you for the observation I will be fixing that.

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