I need to change photo filenames

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    I need to change the names of photos I’ve uploaded.

    The blog I need help with is gorgewildphoto.wordpress.com.


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    It’s funky. If you change the name of an image in the library, it won’t appear unless it is viewed as an attachment page.

    If you change the name of a pic for an image that doesn’t link to the image file, hovering over the pic won’t show the title. But if you change the name of a pic which links to the image file, the title will appear on hover.

    It’s almost midnight here and I’m tired so I may be missing something but this “improved” version of naming photos is not so adaptable as the old way. What I mean is that I don’t have a good answer/advice for you…


    What in the world is an attachment page?? I think you should sleep, because you are not making a lot of sense. Hover over a “pic for an image”– does that mean there is a difference between a “pic” and an “image”? If so, which is which? Also, i really don’t want anything to appear when people hover my image. I want only my image to be there; I do not want anything obscuring the view.


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    An attachment page is linked to an image (photo, picture, pic, just different words for the same file so as not to be repetitious but for you I’ll just call it “image.”). It’s a page wordpress generates to use in the image carousel. But if you don’t use the carousel feature, it still generates an attachment page.
    See this from the support documents and notice the line below the image title:
    Go to your media library and for each and every photo you will see a link near the top of the page like this:

    Permalink: http://YOUR_BLOG_NAME.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=a number here Get Shortlink

    If you click that corresponding link on one of your own images, then you will see an attachment page.
    You can fill in the other information pictured in my link above including:

    Title – Image title to be displayed when the image attachment page is viewed or when the image is viewed as part of a gallery or carousel.
    Alternative Text – Displayed when images don’t load. Useful for visually impaired users viewing the site through a screen reader, or for those using a mobile device who have images turned off.
    Caption – Displayed when using captions.
    Attachment page content – Full image description or other information to accompany the image on its attachment page.

    Here is the Support article where you can read all about it:


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    What I was missing last night was “Why do you want to change your image titles?” so I made an assumption that you wanted a readable title to appear when a reader hovers over an image. Right now, nothing appears on hover but your images have non-descriptive numbers as names. But of course, you have different reasons to change the names.


    As usual with most websites, it comes down to confusing or illogical jargon. Attachment page? Attached to what? The post or the blog or something else? Isn’t that a linked page? Is “attachment” WP’s invention to sound unique?

    I’m even more confused after re-reading your comments. You said “If you change the name of an image in the library, it won’t appear unless it is viewed as an attachment page.” What is the “it” you reference, the image, or the library, or the image filename??

    Since I sell my images I do not post high-resolution versions on WP. Therefore I will never host a gallery on WP, meaning this Carousel thing means zero for me. I don’t even want to try to understand why an animated slideshow needs individual web pages for each image.

    If you have read my blog you will notice that whenever possible, I link every image directly to the page on my website where the for-sale image is hosted. If you explore deeper, you will notice that only some of my images are named using only numbers for ease of reference– eliminating long filenames when all you want is an image number. It’s extremely unlikely that someone will ask for image 35 and we will both be unable to determine what shoot or gallery that 35 belongs to. Single images are normally given a unique name.

    You say “If you click that corresponding link on one of your own images, then you will see an attachment page.” but because the image name is too long, the link is too long to fully display– and it’s not a link, it’s just the text of the link. With ellipses to denote that it’s too long to display. THEREFORE the smaller filenames.
    I don’t think you realize that it has three buttons under the link text, one of which says “View Attachment Page.”

    Another problem I have is just what you’re saying– that on that link page you can enter the information. Well, I use embedded captions, keywords, and other data, which is carried around to every other website, even Facebook, so I never have to re-enter all that information. WP apparently strips that data or only chooses to display it in random places.
    Also, I usually have to re-enter the link sometimes two or three times to get it to stick.

    Sometimes I realize that images did not end up getting a proper filename or the image filename needs to be updated for accuracy. In this case, you’re saying I have to delete the old image and re-upload the newly renamed image file?

    All in all, the whole thing is a mess, and honestly, I’m lobbying my photo hosting website to start hosting blogs so I can stop wasting my efforts on the half-broken, perpetually changing WP… sorry, unless you make the website, don’t feel that I’m directing my disgruntledness at you…



    Hi gorgewildphoto, if I understood correctly, your original question was whether it is possible to change a file URL (for example: http://gorgewildphoto.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/mccall-point-10-29-12_jj041-web.jpg) once a file has been uploaded. The answer is no, it cannot be done, and if you want to use a different file name, then a new file needs to be uploaded and linked where necessary.

    Thank you for your feedback – I can hear that the image setup and terminology are confusing. We have the fundamentals of handling images covered here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/images/

    Many photographers use WordPress.com to showcase their work with portfolio themes, you can see some examples here: http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/subjects/photography/ in case you want to use something more visual-oriented than the Twenty Ten theme for your blog.

    I understand that not all features and sites work for everyone. If you’d like my assistance making the most out of your WordPress.com blog, let me know and I’ll be glad to assist.


    Note to Tess: thank you for helping out in this thread and providing links and explanations about how images on WordPress.com work. :)


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    Best wishes and Happy New Year!

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