I need to correct my domain name. Can I ?

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    I have made a small typo in the name of this website. I left out a letter “t” after the word “it” . It should read as this:


    Can you please assist in changing this as if not no one will find the site.
    Thank you,
    Lynne Hayes
    Blog url: http://takeitothestreetpoetry.wordpress.com/



    Registered domains cannot be changed once they’re registered.

    Note that your visitors can make the same typo you made, so leaving the typo registered and mapped to your blog will make it easier to find. This is often done with long and complicated domain names.

    We offer refunds on domain names for two days after registration. However, note that when you cancel a domain, there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to register it again for the same price, or that you’ll be able to register it again at all. Since domains can be very hard to come by and considering that existing domains are relatively cheap to maintain, I would suggest you hold on to the domain you already registered, and add the other domain on top of it.

    You can map as many domains as you want to the same blog – they will al redirect to the primary domain you choose.

    To add the new domain you want, just enter it under Settings > Domains and click on Add Domain. Let me know if you also want to cancel the previous domain.

    Let me know if you still want to cancel the domain. For help with adding another domain to your blog, see here:


    Thank you for the speedy reply.. No i don’t think I should cancel it.. So i will add a new domain (the one with the correct spelling of the site) correct?



    Yes, you can add the new domain via Upgrades -> Domains in your blog’s Dashboard. Just make sure that you set the new domain as your primary.


    Last question. when I upgrade(in other words pay for a new domain) will the things I have on the incorrectly named site be there or do I have to rebuild the new domain. If that is the case, I will simply keep the old one and deal with the typo.
    Thank you so much for your attention to this matter.




    Everything will be as-is, you’re just applying a new domain to the existing blog.


    Awesome.. I will follow your steps and if I hit a snag will pop back over here.
    You guys have been great with assisting.. Thank you so much!!



    You’re welcome!


    one more question.. I purchased the new doman, set it as primary.. can get there ok.. but my header on the site has the old name..can this not be changed?



    That can be changed by editing your Site Title in the Settings section of your blog’s Dashboard.


    awesome.. done..once more.. thank you very much!!!



    You’re welcome!

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