I need to create a page inside my blog for members only?

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    I want to know how can I set up a members page only. I have 400 members and I want them to be able to log in to my blog and have access to a specific page which will have attachments. ( .doc and .pdf ), is this possible with? and how can I do it?

    I’m new here and appreciate your help in advance

    The blog I need help with is ledigitale16.wordpress.com.


    Is this the blog you are talking about http://ledigitale16.wordpress.com/ ? If so, then please provide a link to the blog when asking questions in the forum because typically we have to take a look at the blog in order to help.

    What is available here at wordpress.COM – without making the whole blog private – is to password protect the page and then you can give the password to only those you want to have access.


    One thing I will note is that once someone successfully logs in to the page, wordpress will set a cookie in their browser, and from that point, till they delete their cookies, they will be able to come back to that page without having to re-enter the password. And you as the blog owner, when logged into wordpress, will not have to enter a password to visit the page.



    Thank you Thesacredpath, and sorry for not providing a link. That’s not the blog I’m referring to.

    I want a new website/blog with a log in capabilities but with a very user friendly back end. I heard a lot about of good things about WP and wanted to explore it more.

    I have found some answer to my questions in other topics in this forum but I’m not still not clear of how I can I secure a certain page ( i.e members only ) but each user will have a different user name and password? Is this possible here at WP?

    Thank you all again for helping out!

    PS: Apologies again for not including link but I haven’t created the website/blog I will like to have this functionality.


    …how I can I secure a certain page ( i.e members only ) but each user will have a different user name and password?

    You would have to set the entire blog to private in order for each person to have a separate username and password, then purchase the unlimited user upgrade and then invite those 400 people. Those 400 people would have to sign up for accounts here (not necessary to get a blog) as that is the way that wordpress uses to keep track of who is and is not able to view your blog.

    A self-hosted blog using the software from wordpress.ORG could easily be set up to accomplish this, but again, I don’t know if you could limit it to just one page. I’ve never researched it. Possibly there is a plugin that could be used with a self-hosted blog, but I simply do not know. Self-hosted blogs are supported at http://wordpress.ORG/support/ and we simply have little knowledge of what is and is not possible.

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