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I need to create an account, with same name, to match an existing blog

  1. Hi

    I created a blog, "AngelinaNico", under my user account. I now need to create an account, "AngelinaNico", to administer the new blog, but I am blocked from creating the user account.

    I read here that this would be possible.

    The initial email address for the account holder would be [email redacted]

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated,

    Blog url:

  2. Reserved Blogs
    Usernames can be turned into blog addresses, but blog addresses cannot be turned into usernames. For most usernames and blog addresses are the same. When we register a username account the matching blog is automatically reserved for our future use. That reserved blog cannot be obtained by anyone other than the person who has registered the matching username.

  3. Hi Timethief,

    I understand why such a restriction is in place. However, not knowing the restriction was there, I accidentally created a blog under my user account, that should have been created using a fresh user account.

    Seems a bit severe, that to correct such a minor mistake, I would need to move to a new host, or add dumb digits to the end of the user name.

    My original post pointed to a post suggesting, that this exception could be dealt with manually, is it the case that is not willing to address such manual exceptions any more?


  4. This thread is flagged for staff attention, so we will see.

  5. Hey there,

    Can you let me know what email address you'd like associated with this new account? The email address needs to be one that isn't currently associated with a account.

    The address will be censored from view for non-staff users.


  6. Hi There,

    The email address would be [email redacted]

    I would hugely appreciate if you could help me with this.

    Kind Regards,

  7. Howdy!

    I've gone ahead and created this account for you--credentials should be sent to the email address you provided.

    Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.


  8. Hello

    Many thanks indeed for fixing this problem, I greatly appreciate your support and indeed that of the community, really delighted with the service, thank you!


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