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I need To Edit My Blog And Make It All Good

  1. Hello guys...

    My blog is called The Daily Dose Of Information...

    In it I will be posting episodes of The Daily Dose Of Information with lots of links and what not. Like a podcast except it will be written on my blog and no voice...

    I need the header to be changed and all...
    Also I need someone to help me edit it with a good theme and some nice features and nice widgets on the side and all... and also add some more pages...

    Maybe if you guys have any ideas/suggestions?


  2. Take one thing at a time, and you'll figure it out. Search the forum and ask.
    I doubt anybody is going to rush ahead and volunteer to help with a blog they know nothing about and that have no contents. Build it bit by bit, and then it will all be easier.

  3. Thanks a lot mate. I think I will add categories and the side widgets first and get it organized and then come back for more help.

    Can someone at least help me change the header and add a new one?

    Can I add Google Adsense Ads to my blog?

  4. To answer your questions:

    1) read those blogs, the answers are there

    2) no. You cannot run Adsense on your blog. Paid advertising on blogs will cause your blog to be deleted.

  5. I have some more questions;

    1. If I run WordPress on my on host... then can I add Google AdsensE?
    2. Can I make more than 1 page on my blog or is that not possible?


  6. Also... can I change the header... the picture in the header?

  7. Lastly... can I add a poll to my blog?

  8. -no adsense
    -yes to several pages
    -yes to change the header, providing you have a theme that allows it
    -poll? not sure

  9. You can create an great custom header with "Gimp" (Gimp is free)
    or if you have a $100.00 to spare I highly recommend
    Photoshop Elements 6 to create an custom header with... =)

  10. For polls, check the first site I gave you the link to, and also search the forum; there's a new kind of poll you can put in.

    If you have a blog hosted off, then you can probably run adsense: ask your host.

  11. Here you go I wrote up a tutorial for the "Poll Daddy" polls recently
    How to add PollDaddy Polls to your blog

  12. Thanks a lot guys... for all the responses...

    One more thing... Can I embedd youtube links in my blog?

    Also... what are the best widgets to put on the sidebar?



    What widgets to put in the sidebar depends on what you want to do.

  14. Your welcome crazysah, =)

  15. I have made my blog and made 1 post... Shall I post a link so that you people can take a look at it and give me ideas/suggestions?

    Also... do you people like the summary of the post on the home page or the whole post on the home page?

  16. I'm afraid I don't have time to do blog critiques. Someone else might, though.

  17. I changed my theme and now it does not show the author and time of the post and it does not post the summary of the post anymore?

    Whats shall I do? Link to the blog;

  18. Pick another theme.

  19. add more widgets

  20. I will add more widgets and all...

    How do I show the author of the post? And how do I change the author of the post?

    Also... do the summaries not work with that theme?

  21. Have you tried a forum search or FAQ search to find answers? They are all there...already in the forums.

  22. What I think you should to, is first keep posting, then add your first post to your about page, so people know what your blog is about.

  23. Yes. Thats what I am going to do... willworkforbeer

  24. Can someone tell me a theme in which;

    1. The author's name is shown.
    2. Custom Image Header
    3. Summaries of the post work.
    4. Has widget support.
    5. Has multiple page support.
    6. Has multiple author support.


  25. Look through Design, the FAQ, and the forums yourself. Everything is already there. You need to familiarize yourself with WP more.

  26. I have. I looked through most of the themes. I am currently using Cutline... but you cannot set a description of the blog and you cannot see the authors?

    Can you show the author of the post in that theme?A lso... how do you change the author of a post?

    Also... do summaries work with the Cutline theme?

  27. Also...

    I have that theme set right now... how do I change the color coding of it?

  28. crazy - if you spent half as much time searching the forum as you spend posting here, you'd find every answer to your own questions.

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