I need to find this template to buy it

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    Hello, i want to buy a template, but it´s hard to find it.. i can´t, i need help from you, please can you help me telling where can i find it, let me show this example of the template:


    Please, is very urgent for me.. thank you for your support.

    The blog I need help with is sergioitesm.wordpress.com.


    https://www.change.org/es-LA is not a WordPress site, and even if it was, you cannot install themes here on WordPress.com. You are limited to the themes in your dashboard at appearance > themes.



    Well yes, I understand that, buy i was planning to upgrade my account paying 99 dls. and I was thinking, after that I want to buy the theme that I told you..
    Is there a similar theme here In WordPress?, It doesn´t matter If has a cost (premium)

    Can you help me?

    I appreciate, than you.


    The $99 does not allow you to upload templates. Your site would still be hosted here at WordPress.com, just with a different domain name and the ability to edit CSS (CSS is a styling only option). All of the restrictions still apply to the Pro upgrade bundle.

    To use external themes, you have to hire a web host, get a domain name, install and configure the software from WordPress.ORG and then you can install themes on that self-hosted site. You will be responsible for all upgrades, all installations, all backups and all troubleshooting. If something goes wrong (hacked, you install some bad code, theme or plugin and it breaks your site) you have to figure it out and fix it.

    The differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org self-hosted sites.



    But what?.. you are telling me that I can´t buy templates upgrading my account to Pro?, not even the themes that appears in the Appearance section?.. i´m confused…
    Let me tell you what I want..

    It´s just have my own blog, like the blog that I showed you.. just tell me what should I do?.. what´s the price… Do I have to go to WordPress.org instead wordpress.com?..

    It is possible what I want to do?.. I mean, It is posibble here in WordPress?

    Thank you again



    There are around 220 themes available here – seems to me that one or two of them had the funny picture boxes in them – there are some filters that might help – but with only 220 or so you should be able to skip through them in a few minutes and identify any that you want to look at closer



    Ok, thanks for your help…

    Then, this process has to be in WordPress.org right? or can I do it here in wordpress.com?.. I mean, upgrade my account and buy a theme


    Yes, you can buy the premium themes that show up in your dashboard, but you cannot install themes you find out and around on the internet.

    The site you referenced is NOT A WORDPRESS.COM SITE and is not even using WordPress at all. From the looks of it it is a custom built site.

    You need to look through the themes at http://theme.wordpress.com/ and find a theme that will work for you and has the basic features and layout you want. If you cannot, then you will need to self-host a WordPress.ORG installation on third-party hosting service such as go daddy, dreamhost, blue host, etc. Then you can start a search for a theme somewhere on the internet that will work for you. You may find one, and you may not. If you do not, you can have a custom theme built for you and the cost for that could be anywhere from $500 to $5000 depending on your needs and how much time it takes them to design it for you.

    The Pro Bundle gives you just what it says on the Pro Bundle support page. Nothing more.


    At http://theme.wordpress.com/ click the “find a theme” button and then click the “subject” button and select, Magazine, portfolio and perhaps News and Photography and take a look at those.



    what type of themes is there avalible



    Look on your THEMES page. Seriously, how hard is this?

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