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I need to know what I can do to change my HTML editor from Text back to HTML.

  1. I've been trying to embed a document using Scribd, which you recommended, following your instructions, but for some reason now my HTML editor reads "Text." And the procedure's not working right anyway. What have I done, and how can I correct it? (I've already written to Scribd, but they take several days, and I'm trying to get this post up tonight, and the HTML editor replacement is a thing, anyway.) I'm not very knowledgeable about computers, and I need things in simple terms. Thank you.
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  2. The Visual Editor can be disabled in the Personal Options section of your user profile.

    Check out more info about the editors

  3. @shadowoperator

    I've been trying to embed a document using Scribd, which you recommended, following your instructions, but for some reason now my HTML editor reads "Text."

    You're right. The label on the HTML tab changed to "Text" but it functions the same way as far as I can tell.

    Is this the guide you are using? Where does the breakdown occur for you ie. what step are you at when things go wrong?

  4. @jjonesftw
    That option disappeared from our Personal Settings page a short time ago.

  5. When I was using the Scribd system with WordPress, the option to do so was still on the page. One of the problems is that even though you know you will partially be transferring code to upload from Scribd, the main guide to using the system in WordPress doesn't explain that the code in WordPress can get stripped out (if that's what it was) if you accidentally leave the editor box on "Html." That fact is hidden away in another reference to the procedure. The first instruction in the process on the main part of the Scribd document should probably be an instruction about whether to set your editorial button on "visual" or "html" before you start to do scribd. That was one problem. The other problem is that Scribd published my document on their site 5 times and i didn't get it completely through to my website once! The procedure broke down for me at the stage when I transferred the document, which I could see on Scribd, to WordPress. It came in as code rather than as a document, and it didn't matter which editor I looked at it on, it stayed the same (code). Also, there are many more steps and options for appearance of the document listed on Scribd than there are on WordPress, and I think (especially as a beginner trying to follow instructions to the letter) that every possible step should be covered; i.e., whether to ignore the scribd option, whether one can use it, what it will do for my document. There seems to be a breakdown too here in authority between WordPress and Scribd--it's fairly useless to tell me only part of the instructions and then tell me to contact Scribd if there's a problem. Their contact page isn't as great as WordPress's, and they take several days to answer. I hope that some of my suggestions come in handy for possible improvements to WordPress instructions--don't mean to sound arrogant, but I'm learning as I go and I figure what works for me might work for some other beginners. Thanks too for all the great answers. I might try Scribd again sometime when my self-confidence recovers, but for this time, I just pdf'd the document last night and transferred it to my website for my readers to use as a link. The most important question to emerge from all this is still probably "do I need to set my editorial box on visual before using Scribd?" That answer could make all the difference. Thanks again for answers.

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