I need to left-justify my blog title (over my header image) – how?

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    My blog title is on top of text that’s part of my header image.
    I’m hunting and hunting for anywhere there might be an option to left-justify my blog-title text, but can’t find it.
    Is that a theme-specific option? Is there a theme where I can do that (that isn’t designed to be a photo blog)? I’m open to changing themes if necessary, as long as new theme is column-y and widget-y.
    If I had rudimentary photoshoppy skills I could maybe get creative with the initial image (which is vertical in orientation, (just to be tricky)) but…. I don’t.
    The only work-around I can think of at the moment is deleting my blog title, so that there isn’t one. That isn’t an ideal solution though.
    I searched for this in support and forums but can only find issues to do with left-justifying *post* titles… not the same.

    The blog I need help with is lmighton.wordpress.com.



    That’s coded in the theme, and it’s not configurable. You’d just have to choose a theme that puts the title where you want at the beginning (deleting the title is a terrible idea, for googlejuice reasons).

    You COULD do it with the paid CSS upgrade and a solid knowledge of CSS.



    My suggestion is to change to the Twenty Ten theme. There is no lettering in the image header in Twenty Ten.


    You mustn’t delete the actual blog title, but in the theme you’re using you’ve got the option to hide it, after you upload a new version of your header image with the title on it. You can edit your image here:
    (Upload the image, then click Create, click Text, select the Georgia font if you want the Vigilance look, type your title, drag to change positioning and size, etc.)


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    Your title is so long that even left justifying it will cover the slogan in the image. But if you left justify and make it into 2 lines, it should work. Plus your title will still be clickable.

    You can add blank spaces:
    Believing Impossible (about 20 blanks) Things (about 30 blanks)
    To make the blanks I’m suggesting go to settings—>general to adjust your title. Use a space made with your space bar, then this code without spaces: & nbsp ;
    Copy the space and code and paste it about 20 times after “Impossible: etc.
    Remember to save changes.

    (Panos’s method works, but the title won’t be clickable)


    @tess: In Vigilance the home link is the entire header image. (So Panos’s method works with no but!)


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    Ah. I didn’t realize that.
    But I should have known that of course you would have told her how to make it clickable if it wasn’t.



    These are great suggestions – from all of you. Really – thanks for taking the time with those answers. And thanks especially for the point-by-point steps. That’s really helpful.

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