I need to make a post about this (my art promotion)

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    I’ll be frank and direct.. not much is happening at WP regarding my art, I originally thought they’d be artsy females or some people interested in my art – I been here for quite a while and while I got a bunch of views nobody said or even bought anything.

    I’m not expecting to make millions overnight but c’mon people, what’s on here.. nothing n nothing, for months n months??!! Now if I can’t get people from within WP itself (other bloggers).. now – I got this other company that promotes with banners, so I would like to know if I can put the banner code, or try to put it if I get into trouble or not – if it might work or not.

    I don’t know what kind of advertising WP does but it’s clearly not helping me much.. (I don’t have much visitors) – I don’t have much time to chase around other people to come to my site so I need online promotion focused service.. (mainly), I can still intro other people in person but I DO need online ADVERTISING of some sort..

    If the banner works I might stay here – I do like the WP and it fits my work nicely – but since not many WP bloggers are interested in my content and if I can’t pull in visitors from outside either – there isn’t much left for me here, is it?

    It’s a waste of time, it’s like me talking to myself and putting my art up and nothing is happening on my blog wtf already?! Soo…. srsly man this is pathetic – maybe this post is too, I dunno – I sorta had it and I need a resolution to this..

    .. any advices.. welcomed. :)

    The blog I need help with is babaowly.wordpress.com.



    what’s on here.. nothing

    meant to say what’s going on here.. lol, pretty gassed about this.. lol



    This isn’t a sales site, so it does not attract buyers. It’s a blog site; it attracts readers and pageviews. Perhaps the disconnect is in your expectations?

    If you put banner advertising on a WordPress.com blog, it’ll get deleted unless it is ONLY for your own art. And it’ll just cheapen the look anyway.

    WordPress.com does not care what ads you buy OUTSIDE WP.com to advertise your blog. Go nuts.

    There are thousands of “how to advertise and sell things online” courses, blogs and tips out there. If your blog here is not working as a sales platform, look at what you’ve done to make it effective as a sales platform and re-jigger it as needed. A straightforward blog does NOT work as a sales platform; it requires quite a bit of customization and strategic thinking.



    Well I did thought blog readers would buy something, I mean outta millions n millions for 4 bucks a copy of my drawing.. but ok – let’s say that was an epic fail assumption (although it still can be true somewhat). lol

    Of course it’s only for my own art – lol, it doesn’t sound like you visited my page at all – it’s actually very simple because I want to put focus on my art..

    I like the WP publishing platform (and I do want to keep the whole thing free) – as I didn’t make any online sales neway.. so why would I pay off any incurred expenses?

    Everything you said can be done, I guess we can narrow it down to if the ad banner would work or not..

    Your response was a pretty fair and accurate one, despite any misunderstanding on my part (of people being interested in my art or not) the thing with the ad it drives traffic to my site so it has to be displayed on my blog too and it will show up in other places where people can click from there and come to my site here…

    I suppose the ads you were referring to were only exterior where people would see them and come to my site, without any banner being displayed on mines..

    If the prior doesn’t work, I guess the latter is my only choice then.. right?



    Hi babowly

    Sorry to hear that the blog isnt working out as you had hoped it would. I just have a quick suggestion, and something that im currently trying on with my photography blog…

    I created my own facebook group which is dedicated to my photography, and it includes a link to my blog. I added an invitation to the group to ALL of my friends, and when they join in comes up in the news feed of all there friends – this has meant that some of my friend’s friends have also checked out the group and become members, and have followed the link to my blog.

    The other benefit of the facebook group is that when you add a enw post/promotion or whatever to your blog you can create a link to it in a post on your facebook group. So everyone who is a member of the group sees that there’s something new on your blog and can head over and check it out.

    Hope that makes sense. Just an idea. Im still getting it set up but seems to be working well so far.

    On my way to check out your blog now :)


    Oh, and by the way, if you’re looking for a sales site try http://www.redbubble.com
    I have a profile there too and have included a link on my blog. So if anyone visits my blog and decides they want to purchase some of my ‘PhotoArt’ they can follow the link to my redbubble page.



    I didn’t visit your page, because I’m not shopping for art.

    The banner ad on another site MIGHT work, depending on what’s in it and where you put it. Advertising isn’t a no-brainer; you really do have to think about what to put where. I’m selling ads on one of my external sites, but that site would be a waste of money for you to advertise on, because those are fashionistas, not art buyers.

    Start by going to Johnchow.com and downloading his ebook. He’s notorious online, but his ebook is pretty good, and his site has a lot of tutorials and information on driving sales online. You might also want to look at Problogger.com and related sites.

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