I need to migrate a site that’s on WordPress.com to a new WordPress.com account.

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    I tried migrating the site to Dreamhost, but they’re saying there’s a WP.com theme and plugins that won’t be able to migrate, which is no good. Looks like I need to keep everything at WP.com to make sure nothing breaks. Does that sound right/any tips?



    Hi @pheltzel, of course you’d be welcome to keep the site here, and we’d like that :) If you just need a custom domain or plugins, you can add those with a plan.

    But no you don’t have to keep the site here to keep it working.

    Jetpack includes most of the features we use here, and if I recall, Jetpack Premium includes access to most of our premium themes as well.

    If you’ll send a link to the site, we can confirm for you. I do see one site here on our servers associated with this account, but it doesn’t look like you’ve done a lot to customize it yet, so I’m not sure it’s the right one.

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