I need to move my followers between two self-hosted blogs

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    I used to run thecrazynigerian.com but now I have moved to crazynigerian.com. Please assist with moving my email followers and WordPress followers from the former to the latter site.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is crazynigerian.com.



    Hi, This is a forum for wordpress.com hosted website and you are using self hosted wordpress. Kindly google your problem or contact some developer .



    Howdy jollof!
    As you are aware both your Sites are Self Hosted Sites, you best best place to get help would be WordPress org Support

    Also if your subscribers are through Jet Pack you can check this guide,

    If they are from some other Plugin or something you should look into the Self Hosted Support site, and provide more details, how you have your subscribers from which Plugin if any or Just Jetpack.
    Hope this helps, let us know for any further information..!



    Hi there,

    I’ve moved your subscribers between those sites for you. For future reference, you can do this yourself using Jetpack, but only while the old site is still connected. Once you disconnect the old domain you won’t have that ability any more.

    @pavanraheja and @kalijeeri

    Subscribers to a Jetpack-connected site are WordPress.com subscribers, and this is the correct place for users to get help with this. The self-hosted forums is completely unable to help in this case, as one needs access to WordPress.com’s internal systems to migrate subscribers if you can’t do it directly via Jetpack. No one on the self-hosted forums have the necessary access to do this.


    Telling a user to “google your problem or contact some developer” without even trying to find the correct answer for them, or at least pointing them to the self-hosted forums is extremely unhelpful. Even if we’re not able to help a self-hosted user here, we can surely do better than that.



    @kokkieh : Noted..! Thanks for intervening …! Cheers.! :)



    @kokkieh – Thank you sooooooooooooo much! You’ve made my day (and it was a stressful one at that). I appreciate the pointers for future reference. Thanks to everyone else for even acknowledging my request in the first place – I honestly thought it would be ignored.

    I’m a happier blogger now :)




    You’re very welcome :)


    Always a pleasure. Don’t hesitate to tag these for staff in future.



    @kokkieh : Surely…! Bravo..!

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