I need to speak to someone regrading upgrading my free site

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    speak to someone about purchasing upgrades

    Go Daddy is trying to sell me a slew of stuff and I need to know if I can purchase that through WordPress or if I need it at all. Can someone please call me? or I can call you?

    The blog I need help with is dianabelchase.wordpress.com.



    Do you have more than one site? If your site is on wordpress.com, there’s no reason for GoDaddy to be trying to sell you their add-ons, since they’re not allowed on wordpress.com anyway. Did you maybe purchase a domain from them separately from your wordpress.com account?

    We don’t have phone support, sorry. I’ve removed your phone number, though, for security reasons.


    Jane, I am grateful for you removing the phone number. I thought I was emailing customer support directly. <sigh>

    These are my questions. Both my husband and I have wordpress websites. We have purchased domain names separately. We had them because we had our websites elsewhere originally. Now that we’ve built websites here, we would like to get rid of the old ones and use our domain names here. Go Daddy tells me that we can not do that without using their hosting services. So what I need to know is,

    1. can we use those names, If so, can I transfer them to wordpress instead of transfering them from the current webhost provider to Go Daddy?

    2. Can we use multiple names to point to our sites — for instance my husband uses his first and last name for his site and would also like to use his last name only (since it’s available) — while only one would be the official name of the site, can we have other domains point to this site? Do we need outside people to do this, or can we do this within WordPress?

    3. Go Daddy also told me that we need other features to be secure and receive email and be on all the search engines. Some of the features he says are essential are: DNS, Malware Scanner, SSL Certificate, Fixed IP address. Do I really need these things? They want to host the site and have me rebuild it on their side. I don’t want to do that if not necessary. This is the link to what they are trying to sell me:

    My husband’s site btw, is most informational and mine is more interactive via the blog, needing comments and so forth.

    4. If I want to transfer domain names or get new ones, or any of the above services, can I do this through wordpress and not use an outside vendor?

    Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate it greatly.



    Hi Diana,

    Please see my replies to your questions below:

    1. Yes, you can use your domains purchased at GoDaddy for your sites here at WordPress.com. While we don’t accept incoming transfers of registration, you can simply point your name servers to WordPress.com as follows:

    These directions explain how to change your nameservers through GoDaddy:

    Make sure to click the first bold link in the list on that page:
    “Setting Nameservers for a Domain Name Registered with Us”



    2. Yes, you can register multiple domains to point to a single site here at WordPress.com. One domain will always be the primary, but the other domains will redirect to that primary one. You can register additional domains by entering them in the blank on your Store -> Domains page in your dashboard.



    3. The following services are either already included, or unnecessary, for your site on WordPress.com:

    * DNS
    * Malware Scanner
    * SSL Certificate
    * Fixed IP address

    It’s correct that you may want to keep email hosting provided by GoDaddy, as WordPress.com does not offer email hosting. GoDaddy offers an email-only hosting plan which is priced lower than their standard hosting. I recommend asking their support team for the steps to add just email hosting to your account with them.

    You’ll also need to add standard records for GoDaddy-hosted email into your WordPress.com dashboard, as explained here:



    4. You can register any new domain names that you would like to directly on WordPress.com. Names that you may have already registered somewhere else can be pointed here, as explained in my response to item 1 above, but can’t have their registration transferred here.

    The only difference that really makes is who you pay your registration fee to each year.


    When I get onto the page about domains and pointing, etc, I am not clear if once I do the mapping, if my name sans the wordpress part will become the shown link or not?

    For instance, the domain name I purchased through goDaddy. Once someone types it in and it goes to the site on word press, can it then say DomainName.com or will it always at the top say DomainName.wordpress.com?

    I truly have read the material at the links, but I’m so inexperienced that I’m understanding.

    Thanks for your help.



    If you’ve bought the domain mapping option on wordpress.com then it will say DomainName.com

    I’d add that if you have email accounts elsewhere, say hotmail/google or similar, then you don’t need to pay godaddy for email either. They offer a free email redirect. it then redirects email for (email redacted) to joeBloggs (email redacted) (for example).

    Oddly, being godaddy, it can be hard to find this option on their site but it is there. You need to set up an mx record on wordpress.com as well.


    Oh dear, sorry for being dense, but what is an mx record? Thanks for all the great info! I appreciate everyone who’s been helping so very much.



    MX stands for Mail Exchange. It’s a way of letting other servers on the internet know where your email messages should be delivered.

    This page explains how to add MX records for GoDaddy email to your account:


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