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I need to talk to someone at wordpress

  1. our bundle is not working correctly, the domain mapping is not showing up. I need this fixed we PAID for this.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    Did you set the primary domain and follow the instructions provided? Has 72 hours passed since you did that?

    Domain name changes are not instantaneous. they can take between 24 - 72 hours to propagate throughout the internet. Has 72 hours passed since your purchased the domain mapping upgrade, set the primary domain and followed through on all the instructions here?

  3. no that isn't the issue, when I click on domain mapping it is asking me to pay $13 as opposed to it being included like it was supposed to be in the value bundle we purchased.

  4. Thanks for the additional information clarifying that is is a bundle issue. Did you follow these instructions here for using your domain credit?

  5. Yes, this is the message I get. Even though it was supposed to be in the bundle.

    "Before we can map this domain to your site, you’ll need to purchase a domain mapping upgrade. We’ll still host and take care of all that other hard stuff for you.

    Would you like to use as your site address for $13.00 a year?"

  6. Thanks for the updated information. I tagged this thread for Staff support. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  7. @ophelea23: the Bundle for your blog was purchased by the other admin on that blog. Only the user who purchased the Bundle can use the domain credit. You can ask them to log into their account to map the domain (using the bundle credits). You can also ask them to post into this thread and request that the Bundle upgrade ownership be transferred to you, if you will be managing the upgrades moving forward.

  8. Hi jenia -

    I am logged in the main account (the purchaser of the bundle) and the domain mapping is still not showing up. We need to resolve this asap we paid for this and we want to launch the site to our URL and we have been sitting here waiting and waiting for this issue to be fixed.


  9. Hi Shelley, sorry about the inconvenience. I just logged in as you (user @amytisdale) and this is what I see:

    Are you not seeing the message that a free domain was included? Here is the direct link where you can map the domain:

    If the bundle credit is still not working for you, please go ahead and purchase the mapping and let me know in this thread, so that I can refund it manually.

  10. Hi Jenia -

    This is what I see:

    Oh no! is already registered.

    If you own this domain you can map it to your site by following the instructions below. If you don’t own this domain, go back and try another domain name.
    Map to your site in 3 steps
    1 Purchase domain mapping
    2 Configure your domain
    3 Done!
    Before we can map this domain to your site, you’ll need to purchase a domain mapping upgrade. We’ll still host and take care of all that other hard stuff for you.

    Would you like to use as your site address for $13.00 a year?


    It is still asking me to pay for the mapping even though the bundle included domain mapping, that is why we bought the bundle. I will go ahead and purchase the mapping and then let you know when I do so we can be credited.

  11. Hi Jenia, i signed up with an email address of [email redacted] and used my domain name threewisemonks. where i can now not access because the email was false. ive opened a new account with 3wisemonks and need my original domain back which is now on a hold until activated. cant activate it because i put a wrong email .Help what steps should i do now. thanks Brian

  12. @amytisdale: I don't see the domain mapping on your account yet, did you have a chance to try adding the domain? Please note that you need to own the domain (that is, have it registered elsewhere) in order to map it to your site.

  13. @3wisemonks: I sent you a private email regarding your account access, please review and respond when convenient.

  14. Hi Jenia -

    We are going to do it today or tomorrow. I am working with the current host as they are going to continue to provide email hosting, and since everything needs to be done at the same time I am waiting to hear back from them for when exactly we can transition it and shut the old site down.


  15. Hi Shelley, thanks for the heads-up. We have a support article about how to configure the domain's settings so that you can continue receiving emails after you've pointed your domain here:

  16. Hi Jenia -

    It looks like everything is good now. All records point to success. Thanks for your help!

  17. Great, thanks for letting me know!

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