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I NEED, yes NEED 110 comments

  1. Why do I NEED 110 comments? Because it's my birthday next Saturday, that's why.

    And also because this thread, the famous Mummified Fairy thread, has 1890 comments on it and thus needs exactly 110 to make it an even 2000 comments. This comment thread has been called "the most beautiful thing on the internet" and has been mentioned in two university courses on new media. Don't hesitate: make your comment today!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Done. Now you only need 109 more. :)

  3. 108, your welcome

  4. Thanks, I've got till Saturday. Maybe I can piss off some more Michael Jackson fans and somehow funnel their comments onto that thread?

    "This fairy has been acquitted of all charges and you're a RACIST ANYWAY".

  5. Mine is a tad lame and weak, but 107 now!

  6. Thanks! Now I need 99!!! I might just make it by Saturday!

  7. thesacredpath

    Raincoaster,I tried but your site keeps coming up with errors and my browser gives up. You wouldn't believe how much of my precious, limited bandwidth it ate trying to get it to load three times.

  8. thesacredpath

    W3C can't even check that page Raincoaster.

    Sorry, I am unable to validate this document because on line 28774 it contained one or more bytes that I cannot interpret as utf-8 (in other words, the bytes found are not valid values in the specified Character Encoding). Please check both the content of the file and the character encoding indication.
    The error was: utf8 "\xF0" does not map to Unicode

  9. thesacredpath

    OK, finally got it to go through. Firefox it appears is less critical than Safari 5.

  10. Yes. Thanks. I see errors in my report at ismyblogworking but don't know what to do about them. Mostly they come from external content, but in this case it's probably something somewhere in the comments that's doing it. Strange, they're supposed to be plain text!

  11. wordsdivinelywrought

    Happy to oblige. Absolutely worth the visit!

  12. Thanks, very much appreciated!

  13. Awesome article. I was most definitely mind-blown.

    25 comments left for you to go!

  14. Thanks! 17 needed now!

  15. DONE! Internet, you are wonderful!

  16. shesboxingclever

    Congratulations...and Happy Birthday!

  17. Well I've done my bit but I think it might be too late unless you're in a minus timezone.
    Happy belated birthday

  18. Happy BDAY!!

  19. Thanks! Got it to 2015!

  20. YAY! That's so cool. :)

  21. Congrats!

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