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I only get the "Welcome to WordPress" admin page, not the blog I'm linking

  1. The society I belong to have a WordPress blog here [] but whenever I try to access it on my home computer I just get the "Welcome to WordPress" admin page:

    from which I can proceed no further!

    I have no difficulty accessing the blog from the computers in the local library.

    Can anyone suggest how I can access this WordPress blog on my computer here at home?

  2. Is the blog marked as private in any way? If it is, you have to log in through the main page first to be allowed to see it.

  3. Hi, I'm experiencing the same problem as well. Once I login through the main page, I how do I proceed to the page/blog I want to access?

  4. What is the blog? Is it private? You can always access the blog if you put the meta widget in the sidebar, or if you go to

  5. Hi, it's
    Does the blog owner need to specifically grant me access?
    I've tried deleting my cookies etc., still no progress.

  6. If it's private then yes, the blog owner needs to grant you access. Looks like it is. I can't get to it either, just get to the main page.

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