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I own my domain yet when I post it goes to the site

  1. I own my domain yet when I work on my site, it only posts to the site. It's so frustrating because I don't know how to move all of my content and look over to my own domain. I don't know how this happened. Has this happened to anyone? Can anyone please help? I want my site to go live today! Thanks a lot!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you trying to map you custom domain name to a blog here? Are you using some sort of domain forwarding or masking?

    I see:

    Different sites - different content - I don't see any domain mapping for but sometimes there is a delay with Domain Helper

    If you want to have the content of then you need to use the instructions below

  3. Yes, this is the problem. I created all new content (the about page is similar) and for some reason, it all posted to the site. I need it all on the site. It's a custom domain but I bought it through wordpress. I checked out the map existing page but it says I need to pay to upgrade to remap. I shouldn't have to pay for something that I already paid wordpress for. Do you know what I mean? Thanks for your reply!!

  4. And now I realize when I work on the site with just my domain name... it takes me to a link that I chose so many years ago that I tried to delete. This is very frustrating! Is there a number I can call? Or a better blogger site?

  5. Domain mapping is not domain registration - they are different upgrades - if you want your custom domain name to map to your blog you need domain mapping - yes you need to pay for domain mapping also

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