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I paid for no ADs

  1. and I have ads on my site. What to do?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Where are you seeing these ads? Please post a link to an example so we can examine what's going on.

  3. my computer is down right now i am on my phone the ads are linked words if you click on them it brings you to an ad. i have links but not all of them are mine. depending in the browser i am using the banners are not showing. this is a big traffic weekend for me and nothing seems to work right.

  4. i just went through my post and the pictures were missing (safari). I didnt see any ads this time. Same happened in firefox. i dont remember what browser I was using when i saw ads most likely exploer 9 or i just updated to chrome. it says its an old version but the updates kept failing i am doing a safe mode spyware/malware check now.

  5. There are several browser add-ons which turn words into ad links. Make sure you haven't got any of those.

  6. @somanycrafts
    raincoster is right there is a text enhance one that does what you are describing. WordPress does not use text-enhanced link ads. It's caused by browser extension that was installed in the browser. Deactivate all browser add-ons and extentions, run a full computer scan, and then log into your blog again, without activating any browser add-ons or extensions and see if the links disappear or not.

  7. so you are also saying if my viewers have those ad ons, it doesnt matter if i have them off or on they will see those annoying ads, right?

  8. Correct, it's the add-on itself that is maliciously inserting the ads. We aren't doing it.

  9. well that stinks. At least i know there isnt exteas
    in there.

  10. You should be able to find the extension causing the trouble by deactivating each one individually.

    Then, you could definitely write a blog post about it to tell your readers. :)

  11. great idea!

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