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I paid for premium plan. My 24/7 Live Chat has not been working for over 24 hrs

  1. I paid for a premium plan and I have had access to the wordpress 24/7 live chat ever since. I started a live chat last night and waited for five minutes and received no response. My problem is that I am not seeing the WordAds on my blog like I was able to before yesterday. I have had WordAds activated since beginning the blog, and when I go beneath my blog post, I see no ad from both phone and computer. Not sure what's going on with my WordAds.

    I now have gone back to the Contact Us and typed out my issue again.. only to have the option to "email us." I was told I would be emailed back within 48 hours.

    I have a premium plan. Why are my WordAds no longer working and why do I not have access to the live 24/7 Chat feature any longer?

    I should have access to the 24/7 Chat support feature that comes with my plan.

    Very upset with this.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Timeline for Answers to Support Requests

    It's a long weekend and fewer Staff are available.

    I now have gone back to the Contact Us and typed out my issue again.. only to have the option to "email us." I was told I would be emailed back within 48 hours.

    Live Chat Support
    If you have the Business upgrade, you have access to priority live chat support.

    As you have already created a support ticket all I can suggest is that your patience is required.

  3. I'm not understanding this. I have had access to live chat the entire time since I upgraded to premium. Are you saying that live chat is now not included with premium plans?

  4. Please read the entire support doc carefully

    When Staff are unavailable you end up creating a forum thread here. That simply duplicates creating a support ticket and you have already done that.

  5. This is what I read at the link I provided:

    Occasionally, we do offer live chat support for other (non-Business) users. If live chat is available, you will see a pop-up box to contact us.

  6. Okay thank you

  7. You're welcome.

    Staff work through all support tickets created by email and the support form in order of datestamps and timestamps – first posted first served, as would be expected.

    How long it takes for Staff to clear the support tickets and any forum threads tagged for their attention depends on how many Happiness Engineers are working on them at any given point in time. It also depends on how complex the issues in each thread and ticket are.

  8. Okay. Is there somewhere on this forum I can get support for the issue I'm having with my WordAds not showing up on my site?

  9. The same Staff serve both when answering support tickets like the one you submitted and responding to threads here. The time frame does not change as they are the same people.

    We answer all questions in the order in which they are received. We try very hard to answer all support requests within 24 hours, but sometimes we do get a bit behind. If you have not received an answer to your question, please don’t submit a duplicate request. We will get to you as soon as we possibly can, and submitting multiple requests slows things down.

  10. BTW I do see ads on your site. I'm on a PC running Windows 10 and FF52 without any adblockers or addons.

    I think you should log out clear your browser cache and cookies and without logging in visit your site after you do what follows.

    Make sure you are running an up to date browser version found at and make sure you have third party cookies enabled.

    Read all the tips here Try clearing your browser cache, etc.
    Disable any adblocker browser add-ons.
    Try using another browser.

  11. Hi @religiblogg, I'm seeing ads on your site.

    Can you let me know where you saw a promise of 24/7 support? Right now we have 24 hours on business days, so we'll need to fix that if it's showing up incorrectly somewhere.

    You should be able to open a chat today.

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