i prefer the old stats display

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    just wanted to say i preferred the old stats display (just dots connected by lines). not a fan of the blue coloured in thing we see now, plus it doesn’t list each specific day so we have to work it out mentally…


    Each one of the dots represent a day (on the day display). All you have to do is hover our mouse over the dot and it gives you the date and the total views for that day.



    right, i didn’t realize that. thanks!



    As far as I can see it works just the same, only the space under the graph is solid, which should help sight-impaired people.



    quirkyhill has a point, though.

    Almost all dates are removed, and dates shown every five days,which seems an oddly arbitrary figure – why not every Sunday, for example, thus making a week’s trends easily identifiable?



    Im really disapointed with the new statics feature…Its not about how it looks, but its all about the info you can get from…Before was possible to click and check the whole statics of any day displayed, now its not possible…

    I was checking my blog stats today, had lotsa trafic and couldnt see where this come from, only some of them that are showed at the main page

    Hope wordPress staff fix it soon…I love to blog here


    Ummm, I just clicked on one of the dots in the graph and got all the stats for that particular day.

    No change in functionality, only a change in the looks.



    Yes, I will agree with most I DO NOT, like the new stats, very disappointing, and where is yesterdays “Referrers”? I used that all of the time, everyday to compare against today. These changes are very disappointing, I hope word press gets their act together and tells people these changes are coming. I think these types of changes are very poor on WP’s part. I don’t know about most people but I used the stats several times a day, so what is the use, I Give up,

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Word Press, and my blog http://hbs1991.wordpress.com, however they could alert us to up coming changes like this!!

    I am NOT happy with the changes period



    You don’t have yesterday’s Referrers? Maybe you didn’t get any. I see mine.



    No, it always had a “Yesterday” and under it, would say No Referrers or list them, now there is just a big blank spot, Nothing, Nada, Zip, Zero!! All that is there is Today’s Referrers.

    When the Graph thing changed the Yesterday’s Referrers disappeared completely!




    when you look at stats for an individual post, the display now shows syndicated views floating on top of the on-site views and doesn’t include them in the total for the post. I don’t mind the new display, but I’d like my totals back.



    @ittakes32 – seconded re views.

    Harking back to raincoaster’s comment earlier, I doubt the individual post graph will aid the visually impaired – quite the opposite, in fact.


    My Stats Display shows nothing at all. I just have zero to 150 up the left side and August 17 – 22 -27 – September 1 -6 -11 across the bottom. There are no lines no nothing showing me activitiy. What was wrong with the old one? It did work. Now I have nothing.

    Dan Clemons




    I’d like to second ittakes32’s point – having the total of on site views and syndicated views for a post was helpful. My readership is a very technical audience and about half of my views are via RSS, so not being able to see the total of onsite and syndicated views for an individual post is a real handicap.



    My stats are no where near where they should be by now. Is support still working on the upgrade? Hope the stats count recover.



    It helps for some of us to quickly see the exact posting title that was published because it often coincides with a spike in views.

    I miss that –very useful for us. Digging through detailed daily statistical summaries in no way, quickly helps blog administrators which post was freshly published on a particular day that might have influenced the user view statistics.

    It is hoped that WordPress not underestimate the degree of strategic analysis needed by some bloggers who want meaningful, summarized info. quickly at the back-end.


    i think new version is wonderfull ;)



    Palyas: Other posters in this thread are simply asking to have the more detailed info. that was aligned with the graph to be restored.

    WordPress.com is used also by non-profit organizations with several hundred employees with the blog as a client-facing marketing tool to the world. They need to know quickly which blog posting was released on a date. This was possible by mousing over the graph usage peak per day.

    Very detailed use metrics analysis is not engaged by organizations when their blog administrator is saddled with other non-blog work. Their administrators only have time to look at it deeply at most on a weekly basis, more often by month.



    Me too! I want the old graph back!



    Nah! The former version “pales” in comparison to the the current blog stats graph, which is much faster to load and easier to view.

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