i prefer the old stats display

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    Prefer the old version. Liked seeing a broader range of dates in one shot whereas now it’s only a months worth.


    I also second @ittakes32 comment.

    Please add back the syndicated figures into the overall totals.


    bibijazz wrote: “Before was possible to click and check the whole statics of any day displayed, now its not possible…”

    Thesacredpath wrote: “Ummm, I just clicked on one of the dots in the graph and got all the stats for that particular day.”

    I am with bibijazz here. I can’t see old stats, clicking a dot does nothing. That is very bad because it means if you want to know which referrers brought you traffic you have to check the stats daily – best shortly before midnight.

    Who wants – or even can – do that?

    Maybe this problem is theme-dependant? I use Twenty Ten.


    the new graph sucks bring back the old one another topic about this below





    If you hover your mouse over one of the dots and if a post was published for that day/date the title will display…



    1. I’ve tracked stocks for years –NEVER use this kind of chart EVER
    2. While WP techies were whipping through techie school they
    missed Old Excellent axiom: Different Isn’t Necessarily Better
    3. >>>syndicated views ???
    What syndication stats –THAT tic hasn’t EVER worked on my wedge
    of WP. Must have written half-dozen ?s to Support, after the
    crash in ’07 -No Reply, so I thought: must not BE any more stats for reader. SHEESH
    4. HOW do I get THAT stat tool added? –How to get it to work?
    5. I AM visually impaired –hate the new stat style

    I was already drafting a Forum post, about a few issues, including
    stats; what I want from WP stats: Backwards –cannot SEE/compare
    previous point to any current point. That page of percents/values:
    utterly useless.

    CMSNBC Business channel favors same style as new WP chart –equally useless.
    Chart change –NO Notice, No comment period –No charge for blog space
    –NO Problem:
    happily, I added INDEPENDENT stat counter, years ago. I’ll just
    stick with that and my Webmaster Tools charts, from now on,
    skip the –clunky amateurish new thing.



    bibijazz wrote: “Before was possible to click and check the whole statics of any day displayed, now its not possible…”

    Me too.

    I’ve tried Firefox, Safari and Chrome for Mac. No luck. The dots glow on mouseover, but are non-clickable.
    My husband uses Safari for Mac (same version as I) and clicking on a date to reveal stats details works fine for him.

    Why does it work for some, but not for all? Bad javascript?



    Minues after I posted, I discovered that clicking a dot on the blog stats page at my global dashboard (http://dashboard.wordpress.com/wp-admin/) works fine, even for me. But it’s still not working on the stats at my blog’s dashboard.


    Why are my STATS reduced to one week? I didn’t Realize until about a month into the gig with wordpress that I would lose my daily STATS after about 1 month. I wanted MORE info, not LESS!

    This is VERY FRUSTRATING. I have been toying with Blogger vs WordPress. You may have just made my mind up for me if you maintain this style. I hope not but you are taking some of the features away that were reasons for moving to WordPress.

    As a blogging infant, I am about to overload my diaper!



    I like the new stats


    The new format is nice — but the graphs for individual posts no longer have totals including BOTH syndicated and on-site views. Two-thirds of my traffic is syndicated, so this format no longer shows a post’s hits!



    New stats graph doesn’t work as well for me. Sometimes mouse-over works, sometimes not.



    Far as I can tell the same info appears to be all there and accessible… but the graph’s ugly, intrusive, and seems to dominate the entire dashboard.
    And what’s the point of having the lower half shaded anyway… is not a graph line perfectly understandable and instantly informative on its own?
    Most times the WP crew score huge brownie points from me with the changes they introduce, but on this occasion its a big thumbs-down.
    I’ve already written a blog post about this and, as a commenter there so aptly put it, the new graph is an “abhorrent abomination of aesthetics”!


    Thank you, parelie, you are right! That functionality is still there – it is just a hassle to find it. I don’t want to switch to the global dashboard – I want to access that information from the dashboard I am on.

    sassycondiments, even your much-missed daily stats can still be found there!

    Maybe it is just a bug that it doesn’t work from the single blog’s dashboard yet? Maybe we can hope that it will be ironed out in a few days?


    why is there no-one who altered it coming on to say why they did it and answer a lot of people who do not like it

    maybe they are working on putting it back to the old stats page



    @harrythehandyman “maybe they are working on putting it back to the old stats page”… somehow I doubt that, but I’d certainly be interested to know why they changed it in the first place.
    I’m really hoping it wasn’t just one of those “change for change’s sake” that so many sites seem to indulge.


    @fotdmike , “change for change’s sake” i would say your right , still waiting for the boss’es to come on :)



    Ever since the new stats graph appeared I can’t see weeks and months. Did they disappear until we have gone another week and month (old stats lost) or is it not functioning properly? When I click on weeks and months I get a blank graph box and the number 403.



    I checked out the page source for my stats chart…it looks like it’s made entirely with CSS in the new version of HTML5…very cool!!


    WordPress WAS beginning to be vary enjoyable for me to use. Now every time I open up the Dashboard and go forward, I cringe, want to cry like a baby or run and hide.

    This may not be my “cup o’ tea”. That’s too bad. I was just starting to feel comfortable.

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