I purchased Pro via Paypal but didn't activated in my site yet!

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    I purchased Pro WordPress Value Bundle via PAYPAL on Nov 10, 2012 13:51:39 GMT+04:00 Transaction ID: [transaction ID redacted] for http://dmodexmites.wordpress.com
    Item# 1003 for $99.00 USD but I couldn’t use it yet!

    Also, I already had another account too as UNGEX or (email redacted) and bought 2 domains too and wanted to connect and enjoy the benefit of this Pro Bundle, but I cannot use it in either of my accounts and when I try to get a new domain for this Pro … again asks to pay??!!! Pls help me and send me solution urgently.

    You can email to me at eithe of my 3 emails (email redacted), (email redacted) or (email redacted) ASAP … Pls help urgently as I want to use it soon. Tnx in advance, Seyed Mohammadreza Mallak Behbahani
    Blog url: http://dmodexmitesdotcom.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is dmodexmitesdotcom.wordpress.com.



    What do you mean by “I can’ use it?” What’s preventing you from going ahead and taking the actions you need to take? This is what the bundle contains: http://en.support.wordpress.com/bundles/ You can click all the links you find there to determine how to implement each of the upgrades contained in the bundle.

    Registering Your Domain: To use your domain credit, go to your Store -> Domains page and enter the domain you want to register. http://en.support.wordpress.com/bundles/#registering-your-domain



    Thank you so much for your kind advice… You were right … as a matter of fact I was confused as I had registered in word-press with 3 different IDs and I made a mistake and purchased Pro Bundle on my wrong ID (another email) … Anyway, now I found it … But I have another question if you can kindly help me? … Now I have 2 different host in WP, my main old host and domain is without Pro while the new ID which I made by mistake got Pro Bundle … is there any method to transfer this Bundle to my another old account or use all in one place to avoid 2 separate WP sites, and just use them all in one place! And enjoy Pro Bundle facilities at the same place?



    You are going to need Staff assistance to sort this and I have flagged this thread for their support. Please be patient while waiting.



    Hi there – could you please let me know to which site and account name you want to connect the bundle, so I can transfer it? Thanks.

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