I put "More Tag" after a picture, but picture not showing before "Read More"!

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    Friends, I posted the first post to my first website on WordPress, and added “More Tag” after the first picture plus some text, but the problem is that the picture did not appear before “Read More” button; only text.

    Check it here you will find that there is no picture in the first post:

    What may be the problem? and how to make the picture before “More Tag” appear.

    The blog I need help with is landoftechno.wordpress.com.



    The more tag is designed to work on themes/pages that normally display full posts. But the theme you’re using displays excerpts on the main page. Auto excerpts show the first 55 words of a post, with all HTML stripped out – so no bold, italics etc, no line or paragraph breaks, no links, no images. (If you insert the more tag before the 55-word limit, the excerpt will show fewer words but again no HTML).

    You can override all of this by replacing auto-excerpts with custom excerpts: text plus code in the Excerpt module of the post editor. But I don’t think it’s worth doing this for each and every post. So, if you don’t like the behavior of this theme, better switch to a theme that displays full posts on the main page.



    Thanks man.

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