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I read other peoples blogs, Do you?

  1. I would like to reach out to other bloggers. Although I freely spread the comment love, it's not always reciprocated as often as I'de like. Nitch or otherwise. About half my posts are about cat-care and the other half are humerous stories about my cats. Been blogging since July. I also created a voting contest. Hey all you kitties and 5 fingered people.. I read other peoples blogs, do you?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. oh i love cats! i will just have to pop on over to your blog, read it and leave a few comments.

    I know what you mean, but I tell myself it is because I don't have a niche. Mine goes two ways, funny off beat stuff i write and think it is funny or serious stuff.

    oh well, just remember someday when you least expect it, someone will stumble onto your blog, love it and bring all their friends. They will i tell you!

  3. That is encouraging, do you really think it will happen someday? Someday.. hurry up and get here... haha. I'm gonna check out your blog also.

  4. Oh I do, mainly because I was that "someone" for someone else. we all have a someone, the waiting is the hard part.

  5. Well, now if I feel un-noticed and discouraged I can go back to this page and see your encouraging promise. Your right though, when I visited your blog, I found your link to 'coffee spoons blog' and I'm gonna follow that blog too. So once again you are the 'somebody for a somebody.'

  6. I do read other blogs on wordpress. I wish, honestly, that I could read and comment more often.

    We're a 4 kid, 2 dog, chicken, horse, and goat family... :) So, somtimes it's a choice between reading, writing, and putting out the fire in the kitchen. Kids and animals--always fun and dangerous, right?

    I appreciated your comment love over at my knotty mess wordpress, and will be by as soon as I'm actually home again + I've fulfilled the blog chain promises to my absolute write friends :) (Have to recommend AW for writerly types, they have blog promotion over there too... plus the Office Party, which is just nutty fun).

    Blogs are awesome. Speaking of storytime, it's like getting a window in on everyone else and a whole world of stories you never knew about. So many blogs to love. Balladeer's bad movies, and Unwholesome foods is worth a look. I'm so making roast beast for Easter dinner.

    Anyway, yes, I read blogs! Lots! Lurk sometimes, but always reading.

  7. I read blogs on the forums, i dont know how to find other good blogs though.
    I can tell you love your cats, thats a nice cage!!! I love our cat he was a stray but he has found a home!

  8. Yes, I do read and post comments..Visit me and see the wonder.

  9. Yes, makes plagiarism easier.

  10. have to agree there with last explorer,kinda hard alright for peoples works not to be plagiarized on here,unlike images there are no watermarks for written posts
    shame really.....unless you copy right your work
    still thats the risk you take sharing posts on here

  11. I guess i check at least 5 other blogs per day - also try to get to know some new ones through the tag search ...

    like ... :)

    if you like to see nice pictures check out my blog! Thank you :)

  12. I guess i check at least 5 other blogs per day - also try to get to know some new ones through the tag search ...

    like ... :)

    if you like to see nice pictures check out my blog! Thank you :)

  13. Nice blog...

    For someone living with three cats, I think yours will be just right.


  14. Hiya, your cats are lovely.
    I like reading other blogs, too. It's wonderful to see how many interesting topics and posts are out there. I also comment on posts to which I feel I can contribute in some way.
    I, too, am an animal person and write a pet-oriented blog. I like cats a lot, but I'm more of a doggy person, so my blog is centered around my little whippet, George. If you want to take a look, you'll find us at


  15. I love your blogging :) and i love animals. I have three cats as well, so I understand and, boy, are there lots of fun stories happening every single day :D

    If you fell like it, check out my blog

  16. @thelastexplorer I like you, really. I'm sure I should add something here about "standing on the shoulders of giants," but touch my prose and I'll...

    Just kidding... :D I love the idea of intellectual property. It's like man's attempt to own air. Can't wait to see how it all plays out.

  17. @cmhardin made a valid point. Blogging and all the extras that go with it is a time-eating process. Picking a few from out of thousands of blogs is like trying to pick just one piece of chocolate from a box box of many. They all have a different flavor. All yummy.

    @wingstruck I wish it wouldnt happen but I kinda expect people will plagerize. Even off the net, Has anyone had this experience?.. you compose and write an awesome song for guitar, play it at a jam session, only to hear YOUR melody played elsewhere just slightly changed a few weeks later?

    @didiwright Whippets aren't they the dogs which run super fast? I almost commented on your blog last week, but I chickened out. wasnt sure if kitties would be welcome. I will definitely check it out now though, along with all the other commenters blogs in this thread. Will take some time though.

  18. I wish I could say someone had ripped me off but my scribbles are pretty... uh Eclectic. I have heard them described as gnarled husks of sentences. THANKS MOM!

    @Cmhardin Ye Gods man! Pistols at dawn I say!

    You are right though intellectual property is a strange notion, but sadly as companies and "artists" become more litigious it's swiftly becoming a fact of life.

    Then again if I was on the other side of the fence I would totally want to still get paid every time they use a song I wrote in 1984 in a commercial for the latest Ford. Rock stars have ex wives to feed!

  19. @thelastexplorer From a womans standpoint, I find that Gravatar pic very distracting. I click it to see the rest of that picture, but it's just a tease. :)

  20. cmhardin,
    "We're a 4 kid, 2 dog, chicken, horse, and goat family... :) So, somtimes it's a choice between reading, writing, and putting out the fire in the kitchen. Kids and animals--always fun and dangerous, right?"

    To secure more blog time, you need to put your foot down and curtail the Internet use of the horse, of course. :D

  21. @xtap59 Actually, it's those blasted chickens...always hunting...and pecking...

    @thelastexplorer Pistols at dawn? Sorry, my flint lock just ran out of flint. Rain check? ;)

    I don't mind the feeding of ex-wives. It's the feeding of dead ex-wives I'm against. In other words, it's fine to have some limited amount of ownership during a lifetime, but once the worms are involved, it's time to pass the torch.

  22. @lifewith4cats. Thanks that's mr Errol Flynn who was in a few movies based on my exploits back in the 1940's. He was the only actor they could get capable of embodying my raw sexuality.

    @CMhardin I agree once the artist dies the work belongs to the ages.

  23. Ah so YOUR capt. Blood. I should have recognized that. You were my first crush. Even had a big poster as a kid. (green tights and all)

  24. lenorelovelace

    Honestly, I haven't really explored other people's blogs on this site yet, but I've been using/reading Live Journal for [too] many years. It's fun to take a peek into someone else's life for a moment and see things in a different part of the world. Also guilty of reading my news feed on FB every day, just because it can be a good way of finding out what events are happening or what people are up to.

    Perhaps I should take the time to check this site out more and see if there is something interesting to read.

  25. @ Lifewith4cats. Understandable you're only human.

  26. I'm actually glad i've found you as a blogger since i'm a cat person! So thanks, and i'll check in daily with your blog!

  27. Thank you @trazker I also visited your blog and will check it to see how it goes. It is so new. Do you plan to do a write up on Fallout Vegas maybe? I haven't bought it yet because me and my hubby are gamers who don't like to share. So we have to buy Fallout Vegas twice.That's $100 too much.

  28. Haha yeah I understand. Well I think I may do one review a week or so. Since I also have Fallout:NV I guess that'll be my next then! ;)

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  30. Today is entry #2 in my four cat contest. Titled: Maine Coon with skills seeking all lady cats. Would you like to vote in the contest? just drop on by and leave a comment.


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