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I read other peoples blogs, Do you?

  1. I do not know if it is just me, but every blog I read, I try to find something to comment about just because I know what it feels like to see that hit counter go up and no comments be seen.

  2. theprattlingsofseverin

    I love to comment on folk's blogs, IF i feel i've got something worth saying, even if it's only a word of encouragement.

    And yours is a beautiful site. And one i'll be returning to read more of your content.

    Do you mind if i add you to my blogoll at

    sev x

  3. Sev, if you are speaking to me... sure. I do not see why not. YAY!!! I get to go a-hunting on a new blog!!!

  4. What kind of blog do I write? A family friendly, pro marriage, animal blog focusing on health and psychology.

  5. What do you do when the man you are dating tells you, "You remind me of my dog."

    New Topic:

  6. Being a German Shepherd Dog person, I'd have had no problems with it at all!

  7. LoL @teamoyeniyi (I have a future post coming up that braggs about German shepherds being totoaly cool.) Because.. they are.

  8. Avery sensitive and insightful poem. I like it. :)

  9. Personally, I make it a point to at the very least visit, if not comment (which I usually do) on or like the blog of anyone who checks out mine. I know how great it feels to have visitors, and especially great to see comments! If anyone would like to check out my blog, please feel free :) I'll scratch your back in return!

  10. maxoverdriveuk

    I have to say I get more networking through other peoples blogs when they make comments on mine. Even if it's just to say hi. It's the curiosity in me. Only been on for a short while and have now read through hundreds of blogs. Even things that wouldnt normally interest me. I guess it's the interest in the writer that appeals to me :D

  11. shoesaddiction

    I like to read other bloggers' blogs, but I would only drop a comment if it's really interesting and/or funny.

  12. Single cats and their owners

  13. 7 unusual things about me personaly
    7 blogs I really like
    7 awards to give away

  14. Gosh Darn Northerners and their Delicate Sensabilities

  15. I read other people's blogs and I always leave a comment to let them know somebody was there.

  16. Balladeer - you read my blog recently and commented which was much appreciated.

    I find that if you do take the time to read the work of others, they tend to then click onto your page and do the same in return - a great way of showcasing your work, I am sure you'll agree.

    On that note, Balladeer I am off to view your blog :)

  17. The answer to that question is a definite YES!
    It's the only way to meet good blogger friends :)

  18. lifewith4cats - did you start this thread just so that you could promote posts? That is what the Showcase forum is for.

  19. Stewie, this thread WAS in the Showcase forum. A mod must have assumed by the title that it was just to talk about whether or not you read other people's blogs and moved it here in the Off Topic.

  20. @Stewiejt Yes I started this thread only for the purpose of showcasing my Topics on my blog and promoting my cat blog.

    My very first comment indicates this. But often people dont read the details and assume this is just an open ended question. I dont know why.

    Who moved my thread? and Can it please get moved back where it belongs????

    Help Moderaters...

  21. Thread moved back to the showcase forum,

    I don't know who moved the thread... I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

  22. If any good people of experience think It would better serve my interest in self-promotion if I start a new thread and drop this 'long' one... let me know. I am always open to advise and constuctive critisism.

  23. I like this thread in way I can't explain, it's been a constant since I started here.

    On the other hand sentimentality is for the weak and it’s all about the stats page. I don't know if you should start over but it's certainty a popular thread.

  24. Now they have moved it back to the Showcase, Sara - I'm with TLE - I lke this thread.

  25. @lifewith4cats
    I'm sorry :( I hope you aren't upset with me.

  26. @ TT Im not upset, My thread even confuses me sometimes. :) In fact Im still confused, but as @explorer, and @team say.. it IS fun and so I am content.

    Every time someone new contributes its a potential new blog friend, All is well.

  27. new post: Hobos, Me, and Dreams of the Future

    or : No honey we cant go live in a tent. Think of the children. How fate ruins my plans.

  28. As I can't find the "What did you post on your blog today" topic due to the forum being weird again and telling me there is no second page I'll just tell you here what I posted today, or well, late last night.

    My new post is about how I spent my semester break online and how I finally broke up with my boyfriend who had been annoying me for a while.

    And yes I do read other peoples blogs and comment on them too! Or else I wouldn't have any subscribers. *goes to read some more*

  29. dribblingpensioner

    i'm going to start reading blogs theres so many , hope you all read mine

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