I Really Need Help With Theme’s!

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    alright, here’s the deal, i have downloaded the pink theme from http://www.bouncy-bubbles.net and have followed all the installing instructions and such (i am using ftp to install it to use on my site) anyways, i installed it all, correctly as i can tell.. and it still isnt showing up when i go into presentation for me to select it as a theme, please help me out. if you run ftp and know you can fix it email me at (email redacted) and maybe we can work something out. thanks so much in advance!



    I politely suggest that you appear to want the support forums located here. These forums are for supporting the WordPress hosting, not for the support of the software on other sites.

    As to your request, all I can say is make sure you have your theme installed in the correct subdirectory. That would be:

    {WP root}/wp-content/themes/{the name of your theme}

    9 times out of 10, the problem is either the theme has not been installed there. (At least that’s what I’ve seen.)

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