I Received a "Threat to Hack" on my Site

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    I was wondering, if a message that Akismet caught has a threatening overtone, and the creator of the message is threatening to hack my site, can my site actually be hacked? Obviously with proper equipment. I was just wondering if WP allows its users any recourse? I to a screenshot of the message, with IP address, etc. Please let me know if I need to report the message and how to do so. Thank you, Dulcinea

    The blog I need help with is hodgepodge4thesoul.wordpress.com.


    the threat originated from the following :
    Rodrigo via demonecromancy.wordpress.com

    Thank you, again for your assistance.



    Hi there,

    It would have been helpful had you not deleted that message from your spam folder so we can actually see it.

    But it’s just spam. If someone really had the ability to hack your site they would have done it and have you pay a ransom to restore it. A hacker gains nothing by warning you that they’re going to hack your site – this is likely a scam artist hoping you’ll fall for their thread and give them some money, and they likely sent that comment to hundreds, if not thousands of sites, which is why Akismet filtered the comment as spam in the first place.

    The only way someone can hack your WordPress.com site is if they gained access to your username account, and that’s only possible if they have your password, or access to your email account so they can reset your password. As long as you use a long, secure password for both your email and WordPress.com accounts, and don’t use those same passwords anywhere else, and as long as you don’t leave your account logged in on a public/shared computer, there is almost no possibility that your account can be hacked.


    That’s strange…I didn’t delete it. But ok, thank you so much for your help. Sorry to have taken up your time



    Nothing to say sorry for. I’m happy to help :)

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