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I redirected domain but Google shows WordPress message as title

  1. I bought my domain through WordPress and redirected to my to

    When I google the .com domain I read the message: will be back in a minute!

    Any ideas about how to avoid this? I would like to read the blog title.

    Thank you

  2. How long ago did you do this?

  3. five weeks ago.

  4. I think there's something wrong with your setup. When I put in my browser, it redirects to which it should not do. Double-check your nameservers are set correctly.

  5. These are the Name Servers

    Name Servers: (Last Update 5/1/2008)

    And these are the settings for the Domain

    Domain Function Your blog URL Redirecting to (Put blog here)

    It seems that the servers are Ok. Do I need to change the settings for Domain and Function?

  6. I fixed it.

  7. How did you fix it?

  8. I think you had the A redirecting to B part backwards, yes?

  9. How hard was to fix it? i,m having a hard time with a bing websit i try to get it work and some how i can't!

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