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I renewed my domain that expired 2 months ago but now I can't see my webpage

  1. I renewed my domain that expired 2 months ago but now I can't see my webpage when I refresh the browser.

    You can see and it works but works not. Why is that happening?
    Blog url:

  2. Did you set your primary domain to in your domain dashboard?

  3. Yes I did, but it's suppoused to open my website as soon as I did the renewal.

    Look what it says below the domain custom options:

    The primary domain for your blog is The other URLs above will redirect to that domain.

  4. But it doesn't redirect...

  5. Did you renew BOTH the domain name registration AND the domain mapping - it looks like you only renewed the domain mapping and your domain name is in redemption and you will need staff help to address this - I will flag this for the staff to help you

  6. Exactly, that's what it looks like. For example, I noticed that they only took US$13 from me...Normally it will cost US$18...How can I flag this to the staff? It's a priority to me right now.

  7. This has already been flagged for the staff - they will probably send you an email with instructions and let you know here that they have sent the information to you - follow the instructions and reply quickly - your domain name is in redemption so speed is of the essence

  8. Good catch, auxclass. Thanks! (Time here for bed, methinks!)

  9. ~~auxclass & justjeenifer
    I checked and then I flagged this thread.

  10. auxclass and/or wordpress team,

    I'm facing the same issue as medicinaesteticard: I tried to renew an expired domain ( but I could not. I renewed the mapping, but I'm not find any way to renew the domain itself (which, obviously, I bought from wordpress).

    Can you "flag" me also?


  11. @eliel777 - the entire thread is flagged - the staff have a real good record of reading all the Posts to make sure they help everyone in the thread that needs help

  12. medicinaesteticard, your domain expired on July 17 and has entered the redemption period. I have refunded the mapping charge and sent an email to the address on your account with further details. Please feel free to reply when convenient.

    eliel777, expired on June 20 and has since been purchased by someone else.

  13. macmanx, has been purchased by someone else? Strange... really strange...

    What can I do since I paid for mappinp this domain to mu wordpress blog? Can I be refunded, or, say, map another domain to my blog for free?

    Thanks, Eliel

  14. - seems to be parked - maybe you could buy it back from the squatter - or you could change the name a bit and register a new name

    I would expect you to be able to get a refund or transfer the mapping to another blog - I re-flagged this for staff attention

  15. When I try to buy throught I receive the message: "Oh no! is already registered. If you own this domain you can map it to your site by following the instructions below. If you don’t own this domain, go back and try another domain name."

    First, if I paid for the mapping, why am I been told to map it again? Where are the USD 13.00 I paid?

    If was bought by someone else, this issue could be easily solved: I receive this USD 13.00 I once paid as credit to acquire and map another domain.

  16. You won't be able to buy the domain through us, it is owned by someone else.

    Sorry for not catching your domain mapping payment before, I have refunded that.

  17. How this "refund" works. You already sent the charge to my Credit Card company, right? And they problably have already issued the payment...

  18. Yes, the refund left our account today, and depending on your credit card provider, should arrive within 10 days.

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