I requested domain map (DaveJellison.com) a few days ago, but cannot Google

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    I requested domain mapping (DaveJellison.com) a few days ago, but this is not available in my Google search today.
    Also, why can’t I easily find how to directly contact a WP person?

    The blog I need help with is themadballadeer.wordpress.com.



    It looks like you have themadballadeer.wordpress.com set as your primary domain, i.e. the DaveJellison.com brings you to hemadballadeer.wordpress.com instead of the other way round.

    Google won’t index DaveJellison.com until you set it as your primary domain



    Why would it be in Google if it’s only a few days old? To search engines, it looks like a completely new site with no incoming links. This is why we recommend getting a custom domain very early in your blog’s life. It will register with Google in a few weeks and catch up to its previous pagerank or close within four months.



    Actually I have looked closer and it does not have domain mapping set up at all. It has a redirect from DaveJellison.com set at the domain provider hostbaby.com.

    It will never get indexed by google under that domain name as long as it is configured this way; Google will just see it as a reference (like a link) to the http://themadballadeer.wordpress.com/ site.

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