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I ruined my Announcement Box 8-(

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    Theme: Vigilance

    I have screwed up my Announcement Box. 8-(
    In trying to change the cartoon inside, I fiddled with the HTML and now, as you can see, the khaki color of the Announcement Box extends down, down, down, down, down and it has become the background color of my posts!!

    Before I began tampering with the Announcement Box, I measured the box, and it was: 589 wide by 406 high.

    I earlier changed the color of the box from khaki to black.

    PLEASE, CAN SOMEONE HELP ME GET BACK TO THE REGULAR SIZED BOX? And also how to get the color back in there? I forgot how it was done!! Someone here explained it.


    The blog I need help with is

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  3. I forgot to add that as it is now, there is a black announcement box (which is fine), and the background color of the posts is that khaki color, and ALL OF MY RIGHT SIDEBAR ITEMS ARE GONE.


  4. @Lorna
    When you asked about putting a video in the Alert box earlier today I said "no" and wondered if you would persist ... well, I guess we have the answer now don't we. :)

    Remove everything. Remove every bit of code code you put in there and that will fix the problem.

  5. This isn't really a theme problem. There's nothing wrong with the theme. Go into the Vigilance options page and remove all that code every bit of it.

  6. BTW the size is supposed to be 596 pixels wide and only 125 pixels high.

  7. Timmethief...... you just now made me laugh!!!!! :-) :-) Anyhow, I FIXED THE PROBLEM A MINUTE AGO. I decided to re-read those instructions you sent me on how to change the Announcement Box to black......... and in so doing, I fixed the problem and the background for the posts is back to white.

    It had not to do with the video in the Announcement Box :-) :-) :-) It was about me wanting to measure the Announcement Box so I could make sure the cartoons I put in there were the right size. :-)

    One thing I am learning is that something that looks absolutely horrific and dreadful can be fixed all all be put back together again......... UNLESS IT IS ABOUT DELETIONS.

    LK. :-)

  8. TIMETHIEF....... Thank you for telling me the correct size of the Announcement Box :-) .Now I know what to size the cartoons for the inside.

  9. You can rid of the black easily. Go back to the Vigilance Options page and where it says Alert Box On/Off: toggle the switch to OFF.

  10. What does LK mean?

  11. Oh a signature... got it...sorry

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