I seem to have created two blogs by the same name.

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    Under my username I have two blogs listed by the same name, plainviewfarmrevived. I’d like to keep the first one, which has actual content, and delete the second one, which does not have content. But I’m afraid I’ll lose my blog name if I do that. What should I do?

    The blog I need help with is plainviewfarmrevived.wordpress.com.



    What are the actual URLs of each blog? Please go to each blog and copy it right out of the browser bar.


    I have the same problem and as a result I have two gravitars that I can’t seem to manage.

    1) http://nailthataccent.com/

    2) https://nailthataccent.wordpress.com/

    I don’t want #2 or the gravitar associated with it. I just want one wordpress account.

    Please help :)

    Yours, wordpress newbie



    http://nailthataccent.com/ is a WordPress.ORG blog. https://nailthataccent.wordpress.com/ is a WordPress.COM blog. You can delete it yourself by going to the Dashboard Tools page and hitting Delete, but note this is permanent and irreversible.



    I think I missed marking or unmarking a check box. I do not want to set up a blog. All I wanted to do is received a current blog for work. When I go in from the confirmation email it goes into directions to start my blog.

    Thank you



    Well, simply don’t follow those instructions. The blog http://constancejmuncy.wordpress.com/ exists but there’s no reason for you to use it if you don’t want it.


    Thank you so much raincoaster – I think I must have created a wordpress.com site and then when I got my own domain through bluehost.com, it took me right through to wordpress.org blog. I really hope I didn’t screw up and pay for something I didn’t need on wordpress.com. I deleted as you just said, but how do I get rid of myself as a user of wordpress.com since I still have two gravitars and I only want one. thanks so much for your help :)



    Accounts here cannot be deleted. You can change the gravatar to a blank white box and the name to some nonsense name if you want.

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