I seem to have problems publishing

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    I have four sites written. I am having problems with all four.
    http://www.internetmortuaryservices.com comes up, and says NOt Found. I hit on ”home” and the home page comes up and the the webpages are able to be viewed. How to I get around this small problem?
    The other sites have even more problems:
    http://www.usacremationconsultants.com comes up and shows a tree, but no way to get to the website…the title on the page is, usacremationconsultants.com
    That site is done just like the above site.
    The next site is: http://www.lowcoostfuneralsandcremations.com / up comes a site called caringcremations12 and shows a chess set… that is nothing like the website, and that page does not go anywhere, same as number two above.
    I also try a fourth site, http://www.lowcostcremationsandfunerals.com it comes up either caringcreamtions12.com or caringcremations13 and shows a pictures
    of a trolly car, I am just not sure what I am doing wrong.
    Blessings for any assistance,

    JJ Claire

    The blog I need help with is lowcostcremationsandfunerals.wordpress.com.



    Those do not appear to be hosted at WordPress.COM. You’ll need to find help over at WordPress.ORG instead, as our software works somewhat differently.

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