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I set up Google MX but I cant access my email.

  1. So I tried to set up my google mx, I think I did everything the FAQ said, and I think it worked, but Im a little hazy on how exactly this works when your done. Under "domains" it says its enabled, but when I try to access my email, [email redacted] , it redirects me to my WordPress Blog. My domain is Does this mean its not working? I don't even know if thats what its supposed to do. Sorry, I've only been doing this for a few days on my own, thanks for your advice, if you have any.


  2. Please post the same question only once.

    Are the steps you followed from this FAQ entry?

  3. Sorry, I thought maybe I asked in the wrong place, and didn't notice my email wasn't working until after my last question.
    Yes, those are the steps I followed. They seemed to work, but how do I tell if I did It right or wrong?

  4. I just sent you a test email. The from is From Scratch. It's not a good idea to put your email in a public forum because spambots will get it, but it was helpful.

  5. It hasn't bounced back to me so I assume it went through. If you're having trouble finding your inbox, go to

  6. The problem is that I cannot access my email. When I go to, it redirects to my wordpress blog. I cannot access my email through, even though its a google account. It redirects me to my blog from my google aps homepage when I click on my inbox.

  7. Then you should contact support, giving every detail of every step you took; saying you followed the FAQ won't be of much help. Chances are you just overlooked a step. And Google has good help pages if you can find them.

    Your email never came back to me so it's out there somewhere. Frustrating for you, I know.

  8. OK, Thanks for your help.

  9. For information, the url of your e-mail service is:

    Note that there is no www anywhere in that address, either at the very front or before

    I wonder if this might be the issue now, since you link your profile to, but actually yourblogname is

    The www is entirely redundant - and is incorrect. In most cases, though it doesn't strictly matter since using the redundant www within a blog url just results in a simple redirect to find your site at the correct location.

    However, as far as I can see the Google MX site specifically fails to recognise any urls with www in, altogether. That might just be where you are heading adrift.

    Hope that helps, and happy blogging.

  10. HA! that works! Weird, because before I was using and that worked, but not anymore. When I click on "inbox" while signed into my Google Apps dashboard, it redirects me to my blog. But whatever, as long as I can access it somewhere.
    Thanks so much for your help! and educating me about the redundancy of a www.

    Thanks again, happy blogging to you too.

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