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I should be...

  1. oh, I love group projects. And, Tecks "I should be snuggling with my wife..." thing is soooo adorable. I love when guys reference being nice to their girls, makes a girl like me feel hopeful, all I get are guys say, "damn...can I get yo number" :) But I have to admit I love turning down guys like that.

    Anyways, I should be listening to Britney Spears new album...again btw its hot, no lie.

  2. I should be...

    resting. I need my beauty sleep. 8)

    But no!!! I'm up and surfing wordpress! BAH!

  3. I should be writing. Now technically i should be cleaning and such. But how is a aspiring author supposed to be a published author if he doesn't write.

  4. recovering from last night -_-

  5. I should be ironing clothes, shaving, showering, and reciting a song that I'll be singing at my niece's Bat Mitzvah this evening. Instead, I'm cleaning out a flooded basement from 2 days of non-stop rain.

  6. Uploading gravatar since the old one didn't work I even had to change my email, just because. But alas, my cellphone doesn't work with javascript window!

  7. eating food & getting ready to donate blood!

  8. getting ready for work :(

  9. Yeah, you should instead of annoying me. And I should be getting back to studying my biochem exam is in 30 minutes. I figured Im just going to wing it and see what happens

  10. Lecturing a 17-year-old who snuck his girlfriend into my house, last night. Instead I'm eating Fruity Pebbles, and watching Dora The Explorer with a 3-year-old. Anyone wanna switch lives? :P

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