I solved my meebo chat problem. Timethief.

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    I’m sorry, I know this is not a message board, but I wanted to tell everyone, especially timethief, that I managed to solve at least the chatbox meebo me problem I had….

    This is my old post of questions attending my meebo troubles https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/meebo-trouble?replies=10 just so people know what lead to this ‘problem solved’ post….

    In case anybody else has been experiencing the same problem, here’s the solution for ya’….

    So, I had both the meebo me widget incorporated to my blog, AND I had the browser mini bar installed.

    My problem was, that to me, and only me, my meebo me widget all of the time sat in mid screen to the bottom, while I had put it to be shown in my right side widget area.
    Everybody else saw it just as it should be, no matter what browser they used….

    So, the other day I grew very tired of it all, and decided to delete all meebo products, one by one… and just for fun updating my site in between each deleted product…
    Lucky for me, I started out by deleting the meebo minibar then updated every site I had open, to make sure it was really gone, and when I got to update my blog site voila, the meebo me chatbox widget jumped right back into its correct space, at my right side widget area…

    I just thought this would be helpful to you guys, if you ever get the question again…. And maybee it should be suggested to staff, that they put in that solution, in troubleshooting areas connected to the meebo chat widget, since it is the only chat recommended for wordpress sites.

    Anyways, wordpress recommend the meebo me chat widget, for wordpress sites, maybe it is good for you to know that it will make a mess if you have both the chat widget and the minibar for the browser. at least in twenty ten theme. i do’nt know if it makes the same trouble for every other theme.

    Also, I only put in the browser minibar to my google chrome browser, so I do’nt know if the same problem would appear if you had the minibar connected to IE or Firefox or witch ever other browser there is….

    The blog I need help with is mariamiss6.wordpress.com.



    Hello there,
    What excellent news! Thanks for much for posting and sharing your fix. I will bookmark this thread so I know where to find it for the next blogger who has this problem. Best wishes with your blog. :)



    My god you work fast :D

    What time is it where you are at, because here in DK, It’s I-should-really be-in-my-bed-right-now….. (02:40 am)

    Anyways, I’m very glad you saw the post, and that you find it helpfull :)



    It’s 5:49 PM in the gulf islands on the west coast of Canada where I live. I multitask while answering forum questions here and I’m off work in ten minutes time. Then I get to have my dinner which my husband is busy making and smells good. Sleep well and have sweet dreams, Maria.



    Got it ;)

    Thank’s for all the worl you (and all others like you) do for us dummies ;)



    You bloggers aren’t “dumb”. We were all new once. Some of us have personality types that rise to the challenges technology presents. They tend to be self starters who will click every button and figure out how their blog operates. Some will go the extra mile to find solutions as you just did. Others are intimidated by technology. I thank you on behalf of all the Volunteers for your kind words. The spagetti is ready! Woo hoo! I’m hungry. :)

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