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I still can't log in :(

  1. I have tried all the things that were suggested in the other thread, but i still cant log in. everytime i try to login i get the "this page cannot be displayed" message. it doesn't matter how many different methods i try it still comes up. i can still view my blog fine, just cant log in to post. I don't know what i'm doing wrong :(

  2. Have you tried clearing your cookies? I just ran into a weird problem that sounds like the same one you are experiencing. Firefox shot me a little message telling me I was not accepting cookies for the site. Odd, since I haven't touched anything, but clearing my cookies worked.

  3. i tried that, it was the first thing i tried, but still no luck.


  4. *jumps up and down waving arms to get admin's attention*

    sorry guys but it's been like this for 2 days... i really wanna know what's goin on..

  5. anyone else??? puleeeaaasssseee????

  6. 24 hours later and i still cant log in... i am still getting directed to the "page cannot be displayed" message. i even tried creating a new account, and when i went to log in with the new acount it still sent me to that page..

    i just wanna know if it is something i'm doing or if it is the same problem everyone else is having..

    one more day of this and i am moving to

  7. Have you ran all your computer virus scans? Maybe it's a virus.

  8. wordpress is the only site doing it. i can log onto all my other accounts with other sites and such without a problem. why would it only effect the wordpress login ??

    i'll give it a go though.. willing to try anything at this point..

  9. I'm a contributor on someone's blog at Blogger and it took me forever to log in yesterday.

  10. I was having a similar problem, a few days ago: I typed in my user name, then my password, and it took me to that page that says "this page can not be displayed" I then clicked on my back button on my tool bar and went to the home link at the top of the sign in page....then there was a link to my blog...and if I remember correctly that would take me to my blog. I know this seems like a huge hassle....but that was the only way that I could log in. right now everything is fine with my blog and I can log in without any problems.....hopefully this way will atleast et you into your site.

  11. missymuh: Your issue sure sounds like a problem with cookies and/or cache. Be sure to clear all your cookies and your cache. Close all browser windows. Then restart your browser and try to login again.

    What browser are you using? IE, Firefox, or ?

  12. **get

  13. missymuh:
    Each of the blog tools have their own quirks at certain times, especially when updates are being made. Typepad has had issues, and I know several people who moved from Typepad to WordPress because of it, so ....

    Be patient, the WordPress developers are working hard to fix the issues. This application is fairly new, give some time to get the kinks out.

  14. HMMMMMM, I wish I could help you. Try shutting every thing down. Restart your computer. I really wish I could help.

  15. I cant log in from Internet Explorer, however it's easy from Firefox

  16. I only get the login page. When I sign in, it kicks me back to the login page with empty boxes. I went to the blog, which seemed to indicate I was signed in, but when I went to My Dashboard, I got kicked back to the login page. I can neither post nor edit. Annoying. And it worked perfectly on this computer last night just before I shut it down.

  17. I'm having the same problem raincoaster is. And all I want is my flippin' API key so I can get Askimet to work as the comment spam is starting to trickle in despite using WordPress 2.

    (Yes, I tried Internet Explorer and Firefox and clearing my cache, even history and cookies).

  18. I am also having the same problems. This is the first day I have ever used this. I was able to create the blog, type and upload my first post. Yet, as soon as I went away from it I was unable to get back to do anything. Again it acts likes I am logged in, but I am unable to post or manage. I also tried all of the above tips.

  19. Yep, same problem here. I started a new blog , I can see it and canĀ“t wait to go, but cannot login! at first i thought it was me doing something wrong as I am not very familiar yet-- but I asked new password, closed, started again etc etc (allowed cookies, cleared cookies) tried again~ for two days now: doesnt work. I use firefox

  20. I can't log in either. I've reset my password 3 times and the system takes me to my blog, but I can't get into Dashboard to post. The WordPress system keeps looping me back to log-in and nothing.

    My computer accepts cookies and I've cleared my cache.

    This is terrible.

  21. I set up this blog last night with no problem and now am having the same problem. Looks like I'm logged in but keep getting kicked back to login page. Am using IE 6.0.29 with Windows XP home on a laptop pc. Have cleared cookies and cache, with no problems on other sites. HELP

  22. I am having the same problem as raincoaster, et al. I was having this problem last week and then one day the password reset actually allowed me to login. Now it's doing this again. I tried to post and it went to the login page and said my password was incorrect. This is getting really frustrating. If this is going to be a weekly occurence I might as well change to another service before I put too much here.

  23. I am having the same problem. I log in and I get the login page. Waiting for a fix.

    Edit: meh, if you can't edit the templates there's no point in creating a blog here for me. I'm off to find another host. Sorry and bye! I wish you all good luck!

  24. This afternoon, like dailygrind, fromtheleft, lomato, raincoaster, mahalie, and melissaspeaks, everytime I try to log in, I can't.

    What kind of business are the WordPress people operating? If 7 customers have gone out of their way to find a forum to log a problem, imagine how many others are sitting at their computers, pulling their hair out in rage.

    It would seem to me to be a simple professional courtesy for a WordPress person to post a note at least acknowledging that there's a problem, and that they are working on it.

    Frustrating. No news is always bad news.

  25. Same as raincoaster and others. First time with login problems (I started using WP a week ago). I can log into everything but WP. I can see my blog and it recognizes me (at top it says welcome orangeconezone) but I cannot login to post. Get login page over and over.

    I'll patiently wait, since it seems a lot of us are having the same issue. But it is pretty frustrating...

  26. I get the login page and then a redirect again and again. 'Back to blog' routes me to my blog, showing me that I am logged in, but I can't get to my dashboard or anywhere else. I have cleared cookies and cache, restarted the computer, ran the virus scan, still no chance. I work with Mozilla Firefox.

  27. Apparently, no engineers work Friday nights.

  28. I am in the same boat as everyone else here...I was making posts fine last night & I have woken up and I can't login at all. When I do it bounces me back to the login page. I also tried logging in through my blog but it still isn't working.

    I know that everyone is frustrated, but don't forget that this is a free program and they are working as best they can to try and fix every bug and problem that has arisen lately...lets just hang in there and see what happens.

  29. Have the same problem. :-(
    Seems like no one is listening here from administrators.

  30. I'm a new user (signed up 3-24-06) and cannot login using IE or Firefox. My guess is that there is a system-wide problem that is being addressed at this moment. I'm going to kick back, have a drink, and check the login tomorrow morning. Somehow, I bet all will be resolved! It's hard to complain about a free tool, so kudos to the folks who are working Friday night on a fix.

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