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I still can't log in :(

  1. I agree with brooksnewt--a drink about now sounds good. I'll make my post in Microsoft Word and paste it in WP when all is back and running again.

  2. Unable to log in here as well.

  3. Let's not be naive about free. Google is free. Blogger is free. MoveableType used to be free. If a service is available online for free, and lot's of people subscribe to it, eventually somebody is going to make alot of money. The people at WordPress aren't doing this as an act of charity.

    WordPress is a wonderful service and I and others are tremendously grateful that it's free, but let's not get sentimental. If one adopts a online publishing service for professional reasons (and many use WordPress for that purpose), one necessarily assumes that the provider assumes some level of accountability.

  4. i can't log in either. and since we can't login, we can't submit feedback. i feel so helpless, like we are all screwed. i don't want to be screwed, i like wordpress. i hope someone at automattic monitors these forums.

  5. Seems to be operational now.

    Fingers crossed.

  6. Yesterday when I tried to log in to wp-admin it kept redirecting me to the login page over and over again. This morning, I simply get a message stating that "redirection limit for this url exceeded" What is going on?? I just switched from Blogger 2 days ago.

  7. I was having problem logging in with FireFox, it said the problem might related to cookies or cache. I then tried to log in with IE, and it was successful. So I cleaned the cookies and cache in FireFox, and now I am able to log in and just posted an entry without any problem.

  8. I was having the same login problem with IE 6. I found that if I add my domain to the "Trusted Sites" list, that I was then able to log in okay.

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