I still don’t quite understand the ping/trackback stuff.

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    I feel like a dunce..for serious because even after reading the wiki link from a previous thread, i’m still not a-1 clear on it. I sort of have a general sense of it but right now in my discussion option, I have de-checked the trackback/ping thingy because I’m not clear on what the actual -benefit- is. anyone wanna try to drill this one in my head for me? hehe..thanks. :)



    Check that box again. Thank me later for the advice.

    It allows not just you (who presumably check Technorati and Incoming Links) but your readership to see who is linking to you and what they’re saying. It adds gravitas, and if they happen to disagree with you and you get into an argument it adds a TON of hits, because everybody loves a flamewar.

    The only potential downside to displaying these things is that sometimes they come from blog scrapers who only want people to click on the link to follow back to their site. But Akismet is good at catching them and you can always delete them yourself. Never allow a trackback to stand without checking out the page it comes from.

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