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I suddenly have two accounts

  1. Because of the merger of the Gravatar and WordPress user bases, I now have two conflicting accounts.

    I previously created a account with the username "wa7son". This was to get an API key for my privately hosted blog "". This is a long time ago and this blog does not exit anymore. Meanwhile I also created a Gravatar account for my primary e-mail address "[email redacted]".

    After the user base merge between you and I now have two accounts on both systems. I don't need the wa7son account anymore, but would really like to use this username for the other account (since this is my primary).

    What can I do about this?

  2. If you want to use the usernameB on accountA instead of usernameA, in "Users" on your dashboard of accountA you can send an invite to usernameB as an Administrator for accountA. You can then sign in with usernameB and write posts etc on accountA as usernameB. Is that what you want?

  3. No, I don't have the blog anymore. Actually I would just like to delete my account with the username "wa7son" since I don't use it anymore. But as far as I can read ( it is not possible to delete an account on

    The reason why I would like to delete this account is the following:

    • If I login with my original account on I'm told so specify a username since the user base has now been merged with the user base of
    • I would like to specify the username "wa7son", but I'm told that this username is already taken
    • This is correct. The username is taken, but it is taken by my self - by my original account that I don't use anymore

    So either I find some way of deleting my old account, so the username becomes free, so I can use it on the other account.
    Or I start to use the old account again, now also as my primary account and then just remove all e-mail addresses associated with my current active account. This account can of cause not be deleted either, but I'll then just have to live with that.

  4. Use the link at and explain everything there - it should be fixable but I think it needs to start at that side.
    If I'm wrong just ask in the email for them to tell me and I'll then get back to you.

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