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I Support The Freedom of Speech Act

  1. One of the marvels about blogging is the freedom we all have to convey our views and opinions without the hassle of the government or the media dictating and/or censoring what they feel is incompatible to their format by tweaking your voice, or deciding what is appropriate or inappropriate print.

    We each own the freedom to voice, write, inform and challenge some of the crooked special interest clans that we would otherwise be unable to challenge if we were writing for the media or the government. This may be why most Capital A writers, artists and intellectual persons have chosen blogging; which harnesses the power of thought and speech without censorship or intimidation. This is the meaning of Freedom of Speech.

    Unfortunately, there are trolls with nothing better to do in life than to waste time alerting others to censor Freedom of Speech by blocking, censoring, and flagging opposing views and/or agendas. Mindless trolls will plot to prevent speech on a platform because they disagree with the content and not at all because the blogger has in any way breached the terms of service. These hypocrites are the same arrogant bloggers who believe they own the right to libel others, incite racial and religious hatred and force cyberspace objections.

    Some bloggers need to learn that we all have the right to agree or disagree, and to do so with integrity. I allow genuine debate but not artificial or untrue ones from those who lack the skill to communicate. Instead, they carry out tantrums, retaliate by attempting to disrupt a thread by posting spam because some of us dare to question the fabrications of their beliefs. The same as with most reputable bloggers that I’ve connected with, we do not allow off-topic rants, repetition, irrelevant crybabies, insignificant links, but especially lies. Different from the rest, (although I do accept and understand their actions) I do not censor any comments on this or any other blog, because I support a person's right to express their views, thoughts and opinions. But this is not to say that I will permit abuse or lies from anyone, because what I do intend to erase from registered users are abuse and lies. That is, bloggers who state an opinion or fact and lacks valid statistics, documentation or back up information to support their claims. Many of us detest nonsensical talk or writing, those bullying children who ought to be locked away in a dark closet and not allowed to leave for unspecified number of years.

    Truthfully, I do not engage in battles, nor debate what anyone says on their own blog because I am for the people's right to speech. If they dislike or have a personal problem with any given blog’s content, they are free to leave . . . And return to their own blogs, or create one of their own and chat with those who agree to agree with their mundane chatter, lying, complaining and ranting. Let the rest of us communicate with open-minded groups who possess the integrity and intelligence to know that Freedom of Speech allows us all to opine, but with respect and civility, and not with underhanded dirty tricks.

  2. One of the marvels of blogging is that most bloggers use their blogs to post their rants and raves rather than the forums. Apparently you march to the beat of a different drummer. That's really too bad because if you had posted this on your blog you may have got some hits and established some dialog with your readers. Instead those reading here are probably scratching our heads and wondering why you didn't make this a blog post.

  3. ?? What is "The Freedom of Speech Act"? ??

  4. todayyesterdayandtomorrow

    Judy here is the wiki on the Freedom of Speech; it doesn't apply to all countries -

    Judy i'm glad you asked, I ran into this little treasure I didn't know about,

    "To amend the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to exclude communications over the Internet from the definition of public communication"


    weird. politicians can be weird.

    (that (one of millions!) is an example of free speech - I'm an American, I can say 'politicians can be weird', in the United States and not be thrown in jail, hanged, etc., where in other countries, the opposite is the case)

  5. But.. it's an Amendment.. not an "Act".

  6. thistimethisspace

    And it's a blog post not a forum post.

  7. @TTTS:
    agreed, but at least it's in the OT forum.

    Exactly! That's what i was getting at.

    I know what free speech is, thanks.

  8. Except in Canada, where it's an Act.

  9. @rain:
    Thanks; i didn't know that. Sorry to be so USA-centric (ugh). I'm sad that the OP didn't come back to explain, though. I hate speaking to the void.

  10. Thanks for the clarification, rain. I'm with judy on that one.

  11. No worries. I think sometimes it's just baiting.

  12. TimeThief - According to the Administrator, this is an Off-Topic category, where articles that do not fit anywhere may apply in this section of the forum. Of course, you may say that I might be marching to the beat of a different drummer, and I accept, the freedom of your speech; as long as the message is received in kind, I smile.

    TodayYesterdayandTomorrow - Thank you for your objectivity and the links you have provided for all of us. I love those who share and conduct research to help others.

    Raincoaster - Thank you for clearing the air. Amendment or Act all depends on what country you are living in (or visiting . . .)

    Judy - As well, thanks for your words.

    Would someone kindly explain specifically what is your interpretation of Off-Topic? Is it primarily ranting and raving random thoughts, personal moments of the day, et cetera?

    I’m also not sure who decides what’s a blog post or a forum post. I thought that forums, like communities, are places where we can all share critical information with others, and if possible, conduct a meaningful discussion on the topic at hand. Have I been misinformed?

  13. Err... no. But at your blog, you'll probably be getting people who are interested in your topic. Here, you'll get a lot of "meh"...

  14. Oh, with malice? I smile. Thanks for your suggestion.

  15. timethief is right. this is a blog post, not a forum post

  16. bd113: Will you cut that out? You've been posting redundant and pointless replies all over the place.

  17. Have you met Cronies?

  18. it's a blog post. :)

  19. i mean...what she said. :p

  20. So, have all the righteous army of the "FREEDOM RINGS" crowd here linked to either my blogger's call to action, to matt's announcement of the Turkish ban on WP, or eteraz's article which has been widely circulated?

    Cuz talk, my friends, is cheap.

  21. HE-lo?

  22. cheap? i resent that

    laziness might be more accurate :p

    in all honesty, it's a bit of a challenge to make it appropriate to my blog

  23. Heck raincoaster I have put my *Support Turkish Bloggers* protest in my avatar. When it shows up. :)
    But as to the OP - this is OT and palpable nonsense. The proper ambit of forum dialogue has nothing to do with *Freedom of Speech* as any fourth grader would know.

  24. Nice avatar. I'm glad to see someone taking action, appropriate or not. Silence is not appropriate, but hey, that's my opinion and obviously something that belongs on my blog.

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