I suspect fowl play on the part of a fellow blog member or members what do i do?

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    why do you do when you suspect a fellow member or members on here has been hacking into your email and using it to get others to think you are spamming them and sending them viruses through other emails cause that is what I think singsnapsucks.com is doing to a friend of mine he wrote 3 blogs on their site which they didn’t moderate yet and kept telling them to leave me alone and quite trying to get karaoke sites to suspended me from their site and all of a sudden he has gotten somebody using his email for spamming and sending viruses to people so hotmail blocked his email account he can’t get on his email to read or send anything
    and I know it was members of singsnapsucks.com cause they have been doing it to suspended members of singsnap who been cursing out singsnap.com
    Blog url: http://karaokesites.wordpress.com/



    We suspend content for inciting violence or threatening or impersonating a private person.




    please let me know through email ok
    the members of singsnapsucks.com took the site off of a suspended member of singsnap any ways because he was putting stories of other suspended members on there who everybody knows was wrongly suspended and when singsnap members found out about it they had the owner and manager Trevor McGuire buy up the blog and make it with only singsnap posts from facebook saying how good singsnap is , they don’t allow criticism on the site or anybody they bad mouth to come and remark on what they are saying about them .
    they are using it to persecute the suspended members of singsnap who try to tell their story of why they were suspended and when somebody comes on there defending them or somebody they are wrongly accusing they got after them through out the message boards and forums of the internet .

    and the last person to yell at them was Ryder Mckenzie and he has gotten somebody hacking into his email sending people trojan horses and viruses and I know from personal experience with these people they do have a friend from singsnap that is a hacker so this is why I suspect it’s them that is messing with my friend and his email .



    This is a peer support forum. We Volunteers do not provide support for this. We do not sort personal battles between bloggers and we do not provide support by email or by phone. I gave you the correct links above to get Staff support and it’s now up to you to follow through.

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