I take it Comment Treading isn’t supported on The Journalist

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    Settings: Discussion (Used to be Settings > Discussion)
    This screen has some new settings for comment threading and pagination, in the second group of items labeled “Other Comment Settings.” Use the checkboxes and drop-down menus to enable comment threading and/or pagination if you wish. Note: not all themes have been updated to support comment threading or paging, so these options are turned off by default.

    Love the new Dashboard. WordPress, WELL DONE! So i take it that The Journalist doesn’t support Comment Threading or (CT) has it not been implemented yet?


    Comment threading isn’t yet implemented. According to staff it will be as soon as they are able to modify all of the themes to support it and test each of them. No time frame yet.



    Thanks. I hope “E-mail follow up comments” feature gets implemented too along with Comment Threading.



    That feature is being worked on, as well.


    We’re waiting patiently for comment threading :)


    Sorry – I am having a ‘senior moment’. What is comment threading?



    It allows you to reply to individual comments rather than to the whole post. It makes it much easier to have ‘conversation’ on your blog.


    Oh, I see. That is a very good option indeed. Thanks so much RosClarke.

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