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I Theme 2 Sticky Post Help

  1. I am assisting someone with a WP that uses Itheme2. We were wondering what happens to sticky posts that are knocked off the slider once you add more than 30? We understand that you can only have a post appear in the slider (as sticky) or in the lower page as a regular post. If we add newer posts and the older ones are knocked off the slider, do we have to go find them, unmark them as sticky and then they will show in the regular blog area or will they revert to non-sticky posts on their own?

  2. Please post the URL for the blog you are helping with because thet two ie. and urn on different software and the themes by the same name are coded to run on one or the other.

  3. ah, sorry. they are running .com's free stuff:
    They have not yet added their 30 posts but plan on it in the near future. We just wondered if their 31st sticky post would knock off the very first one on the carousel and where this post ends up.


  4. Thanks for that link. I don't have an answer to that I only see that the theme description specifies "up to 30 posts" so I'll take the Themes Staff at their word.

    On a personal note I have a blog that used to be self hosted and I had a very nice paid theme with a post slider on it. I kept close watch on it as I liked it but I discovered my visitors, rarely, if ever used it.

  5. Yeah I wondered if the oldest post goes into the ether or something.

    I will pass that along as well. They really liked the look of the slider but I have suggested they only put 10 posts up there at a time so readers can see most of the content as a regular blog.

    Thanks though.

  6. I suspect that if 31 posts are added to the slider, the oldest post would simply display on the dynamic page for posts in date order, but it would be a sticky post, so without testing this I don't know what will happen.

  7. How do you create a sticky post?

  8. To create a sticky post, you just have to check mark the post under the visibility tab as 'sticky'. The post must also have a featured image attached to it that is at least 800 pixels wide. This image will appear in the slider along with the opening lines of your post.

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