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I thought i had bought a domain. could you check ?

  1. I don't remember wether i have or not bought a name domain through wordpress. Could you check ?
    Blog url:

  2. This is the address I though I had ask wordpress to map. did I make a mistake ? did I asked it really ? I don't remember

  3. - seems to have been registered Sept 9 but not with WordPress.COM - the whois entry is confusing to me - there does not seem to be any Domain Mapping in place - I will flag this for the staff to help you - they can look at your account and see if you were charged for anything and maybe they can help with the whois entry

  4. Many thanks for this !
    In order to create my site, I created two, one for the test, and the real one. I would like my domain on the right one (the test one is now empty).
    all the best

  5. That domain is definitely not through us.

    If you want to map it to your blog, you can do that following this guide:

  6. Fine to be a happiness engineer !
    have thus a wonder - full day :+)
    and thank you for your help

  7. You're welcome!

  8. now I mapped it into wordpress but when I use this "new" address I still arrive on my old site (wifeo). could you help me again ?

  9. Read the instructions from @macmanx again - you don't seem to have done the part about changing your name servers to point to WordPress.COM - the name server change is done at your registrar not here

  10. ok, the adress I want to map is
    I need to ask wifeo to change it in
    Is it what you mean ?
    sorry for all these questions

  11. You need to go to your registrar and change the name servers for your domain name to point to here - see the instructions above tor the name server info

  12. Yes i've read the support but I don't understand what it means "change the server for your domain name point to here"

  13. Get help from where your domain name is registered - give them the link - they WILL know what to do

  14. ok, thanks

  15. this is the only thing i receive from Wifeo where I bought my domain name. I'm still at the same point : i cannot change my name myself and they don't do it.
    these are my informations and my key. could you help me ?

    Informations sur le nom de domaine
    Statut : Active
    DNS0 :
    DNS1 :
    DNS2 :
    Clef d'autorisation : k%KHF83/GD+gz\T7
    Associé à :

  16. I understand that I'm a bit boring ....
    the only other possibility I see is to buy a new name
    (but I've already paid for the mapping of this one)

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