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I thought I reserved my subdomain with my username but...

  1. carolroullardart

    I had set up this account to use on and thought I had reserved (myusername) but when I sign in and select the option to register that domain it doesn't do anything. My username is very unique so I can't imagine someone else reserving it - I'm pretty sure that my signing up with reserved it... Anyone know what I can do about this?

  2. carolroullardart

    I found a support thread addressing this same issue (link below). I followed the instructions but still cannot access the domain I reserved by creating my account.

  3. Hi, we are working on a fix for this. In the meantime, you can create your new site here:

  4. Hi, Im having the same trouble that carolroullardart. I recently delete it my blog because i wanna change it to the same user i have on my email, but now it seems that is reserved, but i think is reserved by me. Is the same user i been using all time in instagram, and when i try to change my user name in wordpress it gives me the same. I followed the instruction but still cannot access the domain i want.

  5. Sorry, the user name that i want is bechihandmade and my email is [email redacted] thank you.

  6. Thanks supernovia. The link you gave me is for create a new blog. I wanna find out how can i have a blog with a username that is reserved by me. I did EVERYTHING that is in the forums but it doesn't work

  7. Oh I see. You want right?

    Are you renaming an existing site to that address, or are you creating a new site with that address?

  8. No, i want wich is my email. I want To create new site with my email adress "bechihandmade" thank you.

  9. My user name used to be bechihandmade, i changed it. I guess thats why apears to be reserved.

  10. Oh, we are not able to change the username back. I'll contact you about the site name so we can close out @carolroullardart's thread. Best.

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