I thought selling things in wordpress is not allowed?

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    I thought I read in the forum that it is not allowed to sell stuff on wordpress. But I have seen wordpress site doing that. How do wordpress control bloggers from doing so? Do they do random checks?


    When you say “wordpress sites”, are you referring to sites hosted on wordpress.com, or sites powered by wordpress? If they’re hosted elsewhere and just using the software from wordpress.org, there’s no issue.



    Hope to find out the real source of it , in any way let know what in your mind ?


    It’s a wordpress.com, is that allowed?


    From what I understand, it’s remotely possible but highly unlikely. Care to provide a link to the site?


    Will I get the site into trouble? I dun want it to be shut down cos of my curiosity…:D



    Ads on wordpress.com blogs? I have never seen that in all my time, and now I want to visit this site to actually see it for myself….


    What ultimately happens is up to the wordpress.com staff, not those of us who happen to volunteer some time here on the forums.



    Commercial blogs are permitted on WordPress.com. Selling things you made yourself is fine (e.g. on Etsy). Relevant Amazon affiliate links are ok.

    Spamming, SEO, Affiliate/network marketing blogs and make money fast schemes[1] are not.


    [1] yes I know they call it a “programme” or “system” or “opportunity” or whatever, but my thesaurus still says it’s junk.


    Oh wow – it’s okay to sell something as an amazon affiliate? that’s great, I didnt’ know that.


    tellyworth – thanks for the clarification. :-)



    @tellyworth – it’s still not clear to me what you mean by “relevant” Amazon affiliate links. Does that mean affiliate links to any books I’ve written — or any product I’ve written about — or something in between? “Relevant” can mean a blog with nothing but purported reviews, each with an affiliate link.



    If you are accepted and can afford it, several wordpress.com blogs have gone this way for having ads and selling things. http://wordpress.com/vip-hosting/



    ellaella, if you have many blogs plastered with Amazon affiliate links and reviews copied from elsewhere, you can expect us to come knocking.

    As long as your blog is real and the reviews original, feel free to link away.

    If you’ve written a book[1] yourself, feel free to sell it on your blog, or link to a store that sells it.

    [1] And no, this is not an invitation to get around the make money fast ban by selling that “Secrets of instant profit revealed!!!” e-book.



    Some of the older threads have information that was relevant then, but is so no longer. The policy used to be stricter. I get lots of people interested in taking my blogging courses because they read about them on my blog, and I ran that by staff before posting it. (Actually, I posted it, swore loudly at myself when I remembered the ban and realized for some reason I couldn’t edit or delete that post, asked staff to do it and they said, “Why? What’s wrong with it?” so that’s how I found out it was okay).



    Thanks, tellyworth. I haven’t even monetized my self-hosted blog, but it can be confusing trying to read between the lines.


    Wow, thanks for all the replies! Actually I stumbled upon this xxx.wordpress.com blog that sells handmade cards and such, it’s based in my country Singapore, so I was wondering if that is allowed cos I was thinking about setting up some website selling my handmade stuff until I read the forum that selling is not allowed on wordpress. Haha…now I am even more confused as whether it is allowed or not. I guess to be safe not to break any rules and get the blog shut down, I will get an url domain site then. Thanks everyone for the help! :D



    Thanks for the clarifications-tellyworth!

    Am making this thread a “favorite” so I can remember where I read it.



    A “URL domain” does not exempt you from these restrictions, if the site is still hosted at WP.com.

    But if you have an idea, send it to staff and ask them. A blog that does nothing BUT sell stuff is probably not allowed, but a blog where you blog about making things and then they are for sale might be; ask staff.


    Hi Rain,

    Yes, I was referring to those hosted elsewhere. :p Good suggestion, will consider checking with staff when I have my stuff ready. Thanks!

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